Immortan Joe Quotes in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


Immortan Joe Quotes:

  • Immortan Joe: Ah, mediocre!

  • Immortan Joe: Do not, my friends, become addicted to water. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence!

  • [the Mechanic performs a C-section on Angharad]

    The Organic Mechanic: Crying shame. Another month, could have been your viable human.

    Immortan Joe: Was it a male?

    The Organic Mechanic: Yep. Your number one alpha prime.

    [cuts the umbilical and twirls it between his fingers]

    The Organic Mechanic: Hey, Rictus?

    Rictus Erectus: Yeah?

    The Organic Mechanic: You lost a baby brother. Perfect in every way.

    Rictus Erectus: I had a brother! I had a little baby brother! And he was perfect! Perfect in every way!

  • Nux: Immortan, if I can get onto the rig, there's a way inside.

    Immortan Joe: What is your name?

    Nux: It's Nux. I'll pike her in the spine, keep her breathing for you.

    Immortan Joe: No!

    [gives Nux a revolver]

    Immortan Joe: Put a bullet in her skull. Stop the rig. Return my treasures to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla.

    Nux: Am I awaited?

    Immortan Joe: [sprays Nux's mouth with chrome spray paint] You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

  • [from trailer]

    Immortan Joe: Everybody has gone out their mind. You're not the only one, Max.

  • Miss Giddy: [holding Immortan Joe at gunpoint with a shotgun] They are not your property!

    Immortan Joe: Miss Giddy!

    Miss Giddy: You cannot own a human being! Sooner or later, someone pushes back!


    Miss Giddy: She didn't take them, they begged her to go!

    Immortan Joe: [points the shotgun away and grabs Miss Giddy] ... Where is she taking them?

    Miss Giddy: A long way from you!

    [Immortan Joe takes Miss Giddy away]

  • Immortan Joe: I am your redeemer. It is by my hand you will rise from the ashes of this world.

  • The Bullet Farmer: Come on! I've been called to the torture!

    Immortan Joe: Patience!

    The Bullet Farmer: Oh, you stay here with your grief, daddy. I'll fetch 'em for ya.

    The People Eater: Be careful! Protect the assets!

    The Bullet Farmer: Just one angry shot... for Furiosa. Hut!

  • [after Joe's truck crashes, a pursuit bike brakes to a halt beside him, moaning over Angharad's body in his arms]

    War boy: You all right?

    Immortan Joe: On, on!

    [the bike speeds after the War Rig]

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