Zander Quotes in Starship Troopers (1997)


Zander Quotes:

  • Zander: One day someone like me is gonna kill you and your whole fucking race!

  • Zander: Don't exceed port speed.

    Carmen: Or what?

    Zander: Or they revoke your flight status... and mine.

    Carmen: [Smiles] Your career is in my hands.

  • Carmen: Johnny, uh, you remember Zander, don't you?

    Zander: From the game today.

    [shakes Johnny's hand]

    Zander: No hard feelings?

    Johnny Rico: None at all. We won.

  • Carmen: Incoming plasma energy bolts from the planet's surface, ma'am.

    Captain Deladier: Bug batteries. According to Military Intelligence, it will be random and light. Drop status?

    Zander: Troop drop status is 35% complete, ma'am.

    [from the bridge more and more bug plasma energy bolts are seen zoom by, two coming dangerously close to the ship. Carman looks back at Captain Deladier with concern]

    Captain Deladier: Steady as she goes, Number Two.

  • [arriving at the Fleet Space Station, Carmen and Zander see the devastation of the failed Klendathu invasion fleet]

    Zander: [shocked] My God. How could this happen?

    Carmen: We thought we were smarter than the Bugs.

  • Carmen: Johnny, wait...

    Zander: Forget it, Ensign. He's mobile infantry. When you're paid to kill it doesn't pay to be polite.

    Johnny Rico: You got something to say about mobile infantry?

    Zander: You heard me. You want to make something of it... private?

    Johnny Rico: No, sir, not with an officer. The M.I. doesn't mint stupid troopers.

    Zander: Then let's disregard rank.

    [raising voice to speak to the crowd]

    Zander: Everybody hear that? Rank is not an issue here.

    Carmen: Zander, please, don't do this.

    Zander: Come on, what's he gonna do?

    [Zander turns towards Rico, who punches Zander in the jaw]

  • [as the unloading of Mobile Infantry from the starfleet continues, one transport is hit and destroyed by planetary bug plasma energy fire as hundreds of plasma energy bolts are flying all around the starfleet]

    Captain Deladier: This isn't random or light. Somebody made a mistake.

    Zander: That's it. Drop status is 100%. We're empty, ma'am.

    [suddenly in front of them, a starship's starboard engines are hit by plasma energy fire. Captain Deladier, Carmen and Zander look in horror as the ship veers off course and crashes into another starship, setting both afire]

    Captain Deladier: Somebody made a BIG goddamn mistake! Break for high orbit! Evasive action, now!

  • Zander: Oi, what's french for 'thanks for your help with the search'?

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