Tuff Quotes in 8 Seconds (1994)


Tuff Quotes:

  • Tuff: Cowboy Up.

  • Lane Frost: [to bronc rider in bar] What's your name?

    Tuff: [in background] Shithead!

  • Tuff: Were a tradition. Last of the dyin' breed.

  • Cody Lambert: That's what we need Tuff, a trademark.

    Tuff: I got one, it's hard, full of juice, and barely fits in my jeans.

    Lane Frost: Ohhh, Tuff.

    Tuff: It's my flask, Lane. Cody, want some OJ?

  • Sonny: Hey man, how you doin'? Rich...

    [offers handshake]

    Sonny: [Richard refuses handshake]

    Sonny: You ok?

    Richard: Mmh

    [nods head]

    Sonny: You know the lads had this ridiculous idea th...

    Richard: [Richard interrupts him before he can finish off the sentence] Yeah, it was me.

    Sonny: Oh it was? Thought so. What are you up to?

    Richard: Moochin' about.

    Sonny: Moochin' about? In my house?

    Richard: Mmh

    Sonny: Do you always paint men? Like women?... What are you doin' lad?

    Richard: That's my concern.

    Sonny: Not with being in my house. Where are you staying?

    Richard: Motson's farm. Gonna come see me are ya?

    Sonny: Maybe I will. You're not afraid of me are ya?

    [Richard smiles & shakes head implying he isn't afraid]

    Tuff: Why doesn't he just chin him?

    Big Al: He's weighing him up, he's weighing him up, shut up.

    Sonny: You're making me very nervous, Richard.

    Richard: Well you should be. If I were you, i'd get in that fuckin' car and i'd get out of here man. I'd gather them goonies and get whatever you've got comin' mate... 'cause i'm gonna fucking hit you all.

    Sonny: I don't like being threatened, Rich'.

    Richard: I'm not threatening you mate. It's beyond fucking words. I watched over you when you were asleep and I looked at your fucking neck and I was that far away from slicing it.

    Richard: [Richard opens up his hand right hand and points towards his palm] You're fucking there mate!

    [Richard clenches his hand]

    Richard: So get in that car... and FUCK OFF!

    Richard: You get to me first!

    Sonny: I just might.

  • Soz: [reading from a magazine] "I love English cock... "

    Tuff: Do you?

    Soz: [jokingly] Shut it.

    [continues to read magazine]

    Soz: Fancy a "tit fuck"

    Tuff: No thanks...

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