Herod Antipas Quotes in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)


Herod Antipas Quotes:

  • John the Baptist: Are you going to free me?

    Herod Antipas: I am going to kill you.

    John the Baptist: Then you free me!

    Herod Antipas: [walking away] I hope so.

  • Herodias: I heard that name John the Baptist. I hear he speaks evil things of me wherever he goes.

    Salome: His heart should be ripped from his body!

    Herod Antipas: Your daughter, Herodias, grows more like her mother day by day.

    Salome: Do I not please you?

    Herod Antipas: My stepdaughter pleases me very much, Salome.

  • Salome: [to John the Baptist] Yes, we do live in a very wicked world.


    Salome: You frighten me, you angry man!

    Herod Antipas: Salome, come back!

    Salome: This beast amuses me. Make him dance! On a bed of hot coals.

    Herodias: For better to cut his vicious tongue from its roots.

  • Herod Antipas: [observing John the Baptist from a distance] One more Messiah on the way. Do these Jews never tire of inventing deliverers?

  • Herod Antipas: Dance for me Salome! Salome, drink little wine. Taste this, so that I may drain the cup.

    Salome: I'm not thirsty.

  • Herod Antipas: Salome, dance for me. I command you to dance!

    Salome: I will not dance.

    Herod Antipas: You cannot refuse me. Salome will now dance for us!

    Salome: I do refuse.

    Herod Antipas: Salome, I beg of you. I'll give you anything you want.

  • Herod Antipas: Tell me, Lucius. What manner of man is Pontius Pilate? How should I treat him? What is his weakness?

    Lucius: Same as any man. Vanity.

  • Pontius Pilate: [Lucius is reporting to Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount] What did the man say?

    Lucius: [dryly] He spoke of... peace, love, and the brotherhood of man.

    Herod Antipas: Humph! Is that all?

    Lucius: That is all.

    [Lucius leaves]

    Herod Antipas: [noticing Pilate looks puzzled] What is the matter?

    Pontius Pilate: The look on Lucius' face.

    Herod Antipas: He had a long journey. He looked tired.

    Pontius Pilate: He looked more than tired to my eyes.

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