Samuel Potts Quotes in Major Dundee (1965)


Samuel Potts Quotes:

  • Maj. Amos Dundee: Mr. Potts.

    Samuel Potts: Major?

    Maj. Amos Dundee: I'm a long way from Gettysburg. Any suggestions?

    Samuel Potts: Yeah. Let's, uh, go have a look... slow and easy.

  • Samuel Potts: Bannon was a soldier, Amos. It goes with the pretty girls and the pension.

  • Maj. Amos Dundee: Sam...

    Samuel Potts: Yeah?

    Maj. Amos Dundee: Don't get yourself killed... That would inconvenience me.

  • Samuel Potts: I am Samuel Potts, I bring complements of Major Amos Dundee, regular, United States cavalry. You have five minutes to surrender your troops and your stores before he cuts loose.

    Capt. Jacques Tremaine: [putting on his dress coat as he speaks] He would not dare. This is a horrendous violation of international law, and an unprovoked confrontation with a friendly power...

    Samuel Potts: Sonny, the Major ain't no lawyer. And you've now got *four* minutes.

  • Capt. Benjamin Tyreen: Now Major, or across the river in Texas?

    Maj. Amos Dundee: Here's just fine, Ben.

    Samuel Potts: [surveying the French army from a high rock] You boys want a fight? I've got one for you! Come up here and look!

  • Maj. Amos Dundee: [after the Apache ambush] How did they know?

    Samuel Potts: They're Apache.

    Maj. Amos Dundee: [on Riago] And just what in hell is he?

    Riago: I am tame Apache. A camp dog. Christian Indian. Charriba, is Apache.

    Maj. Amos Dundee: Sam, you take this "camp dog" and go find me Charriba.

    Samuel Potts: That's what you pay us for, Amos.

  • Maj. Amos Dundee: Lieutenant Brannin didn't trust Riago, right Ryan?

    Tim Ryan: Yes, sir.

    Maj. Amos Dundee: I'm afraid I go along with that, Sam.

    Samuel Potts: Well, you go along with Lieutenant Brannin. But you'll have to go along without me.

  • Maj. Amos Dundee: [referring to Potts's Apache scouts] You expect me to believe these Apache would turn on their own families, track down their own people?

    Samuel Potts: Well, why not? Everybody else seems to be doin' it.

  • Maj. Amos Dundee: [having found Riago crucified to a tree] Go cut him down, Sam.

    Samuel Potts: You cut him down, Major. I think he's earned it.

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