Lt. Graham Quotes in Major Dundee (1965)


Lt. Graham Quotes:

  • Lt. Graham: Sergeant Chillum, are the pickets out?

    Sgt. Chillum: They're out, not that they'll do any good.

    Lt. Graham: How's that?

    Sgt. Chillum: Well, if them lancers have got a field piece, they could move it in, lay in one round, and then finish us off with them 10-foot frog stickers they're packin'.

  • Maj. Amos Dundee: Lieutenant Graham?

    Lt. Graham: Yes, sir.

    Maj. Amos Dundee: I gave you a specific order, and you failed to carry it out.

    Lt. Graham: No, sir, you gave me a command. I gave the orders from then on.

    Maj. Amos Dundee: You sure did, Lieutenant. Have a cigar.

  • Sgt. Gomez: [as the survivor's command emerges from the river] All present and accounted for, sir.

    Maj. Amos Dundee: Lieutenant Graham.

    Lt. Graham: Yes, sir?

    Maj. Amos Dundee: Column of twos.

    Lt. Graham: Column of twos!

    Maj. Amos Dundee: [to Ryan] Play us a tune, son.

  • Lt. Graham: You'd let Charriba escape?

    Maj. Amos Dundee: Let's say I'm giving him... equal opportunity.

  • Lt. Graham: [to an artilleryman, just before the final battle] Simon? Get the fuse ready. We're about to engage the pride of Europe.

  • [first lines]

    Charly: Okay, hold it.

    [Charly takes a picture of the Amphib's crew]

    Ben McBride: Is it all right if we get back to work now?

    Charly: Thanks awfully. Sorry to be such a bore.

    Lt. Graham: Not at all, Lady Charlotte. It's rather fun.

    Lt. Whitby: Ahem. Mr. Graham.

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