Robert Grant Quotes in Dunston Checks In (1996)


Robert Grant Quotes:

  • Robert Grant: You got to get out of here. Mrs. Dubrow hates kids. She once kicked Big Bird in the nuts.

  • Robert Grant: Kyle, I know you're upset about the vacation, but that is no excuse to throw a guest's dog into the garbage.

    Kyle Grant: I didn't throw him in the garbage.

    Robert Grant: Then, what happened? No, no, don't tell me, let me guess. You decided to give him a coffee-ground bath to improve his coat.

    Kyle Grant: He jumped off the dog walk.

    Robert Grant: The dog is suicidal? Is that what you're trying to tell me?

    Kyle Grant: He smelled the monster on the ledge and jumped over.

    Robert Grant: Oh, it makes perfect sense now. He smelled the monster on the ledge. It is the smelly ledge monster.

  • Robert Grant: I will give you one week paid vacation if you go running out of this office crying.

    Consuelo: [Consuelo starts up tears] Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Ahhhhh.

  • Mrs. Dubrow: Where did it come from?

    La Farge: Well, when two orangutans fall in love...

    Robert Grant: I think she means how did it get into the hotel.

  • Victor: Fluffy towels.

    Robert Grant: Excuse me.

    Victor: Our guests want fluffy towels. Talk to laundry.

  • Brian: You do realize we'll probably end up living in a Motel 6?

    Robert Grant: Yep! Sounds pretty good to me.

  • Mary Grant: Robert! Hold on!

    Robert Grant: I don't have to! She won't let go!

    Jacques Paganel: This is true. She will not let go until she reaches her nest.

    Mary Grant: Reaches her nest?

    Jacques Paganel: Yes. High in the mountains. No doubt she has little ones that must...

    Mary Grant: Oh!

    [Paganel abruptly stops talking]

    Mary Grant: Oh!

  • Robert Grant: [singing with poor pronunciation] Grimpons, grimpons, grimpons, grimpons, grimpons.

    Jacques Paganel: No, no. *Grimpons*.

    Robert Grant: Grimpons.

    Jacques Paganel: That means: Let's climb. It is the French recipe for the good life. Whatever you want to do, don't be afraid to do it for fear of failure.

  • Chief Thalcave: Much rain there. You sleep in tree. May come flood.

    Lord Glenarvan: Flood! By George, that's a good one!

    Jacques Paganel: Giant ombu tree. Phytolacca dioica. Aha! Magnificent specimen!

    Robert Grant: Oh, *please*, may we sleep in it?

    Lord Glenarvan: You can sleep where you like, but I certainly don't intend to roost in a tree like a confounded sparrow. Pitch my tent just here.

  • Jacques Paganel: Merci merci merci beaucoup, merci milord Glenarvan!

    [the group starts to dance around Glenarvan]

    Jacques PaganelMary GrantRobert GrantJohn Glenarvan: Merci merci merci beaucoup, merci milord Glenarvan!

    Jacques Paganel: Hooray!

  • Lord Glenarvan: Earthquake? Who said anything about an earthquake?

    Jacques Paganel: Ah... I'm so stupid... milord. I didn't realize it until later. The Indian. When he did uh, uh, that, you see? He did not mean it was cold, no. He meant: tranco *piray*: earth *quake*. This is the land of many earthquakes.

    Lord Glenarvan: Oh gracious me.

    Jacques Paganel: In the whole world, no place has such big, such beautiful, such magnificent earthquakes as right here. But - huh-huh! - it is one chance in a million we should be so *fortunate*.

    Lord Glenarvan: Heh-heh. Ye - Ye - Yes, of course, quite right. Besides, this place looks it's been here hundreds of years, doesn't it? I mean, uh, it's safe to assume that it will last one more night... *Hey*? *Oui*, monsieur?

    Jacques Paganel: Oui, milord.

    Robert Grant: And I'll wake you up if one comes, your lordship.

  • Robert Grant: It's a tiger!

    Jacques Paganel: No no! It's a jaguar! Felis onca!

    Lord Glenarvan: Get that beast outta here!

  • Harris: You don't look like anyone who would shoot a man down in cold blood.

    Robert Grant: You're right. You better look close, Harris, and you'll see that I'm serious. After all, that time I spent in prison for you, you still think I wouldn't shoot?

  • Harris: All we've got to do is tear this up and we're in soft for the rest of our lives.

    Robert Grant: None of that, Harris. We're playing this game straight.

    Harris: Don't be a fool. We can have an entire kingdom at your feet.

    Robert Grant: You heard what I said. I'm playing this straight.

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