Ranjeet Thadani Quotes in Bheja Fry (2007)


Ranjeet Thadani Quotes:

  • Bharat Bhushan: Asif, this is Bhushan.

    Asif Merchant: Bharat, your Dhoni was washed out by the Pakistanis.

    Bharat Bhushan: Even I'm watching the match, there are a lot of overs left.

    Asif Merchant: If they couldn't do anything in 43 overs, what can they uproot now?

    Bharat Bhushan: Have you forgotten about the Multan one-day? So badly we uprooted you, that you are still holding it in your hand.

    Bharat Bhushan: Get lost!

    Asif Merchant: You get lost!

    Bharat Bhushan: You get lost!

    [Bharat bangs the phone]

    Anant Ghoshal: What a character, man!

    Bharat Bhushan: I know.

    Ranjeet Thadani: I've been tolerating him all evening! You hung up?

    Bharat Bhushan: I'll call him again. Look, don't worry, we fight all the time but we are best friends. We can die for each other.

    Ranjeet Thadani: Put the speaker phone on please.

    Bharat Bhushan: Redial. It is ringing.

    Ranjeet Thadani: I can hear it.

    Asif Merchant: Hmmm...

    Bharat Bhushan: Asif, listen to me carefully...

    Asif Merchant: Now only 6 overs are left. What has your Bhajji uprooted?

    Bharat Bhushan: Forget the match. I have some important work.

    Asif Merchant: On one condition - Say, "Rahul Dravid, down-down. India bye-bye."

    Bharat Bhushan: Have you lost your goddamn mind? Never ever!

    Asif Merchant: In that case, go to hell.

    [Anant & Ranjeet: Please, please say it]

    Asif Merchant: What happened? Caught in a religious dilemma?

    Bharat Bhushan: I'm doing this only for you Ranjeet Thadani! - "India down-down, Rahul Dravid bye-bye".

    Asif Merchant: You actually said it? Is everything okay, buddy?

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