Principal Jindraike Quotes in Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)


Principal Jindraike Quotes:

  • Principal Jindraike: Stop smiling! This isn't a happy place.

  • Principal Jindraike: You may be under the impression that I encourage horseplay and malarkey, you're wrong, I don't encourage it, I excourage it.

    Max: Excourage?

    Principal Jindraike: It means the opposite of encourage, look it up.

  • Principal Jindraike: You're a smart little boy, but so am I!

  • Principal Jindraike: What is the meaning of this?

  • [Jindraike and Crazy Legs arrive at the cafeteria]

    Principal Jindraike: Please believe me when I tell you... this is my gift to you.

    [students at the cafeteria are still throwing food at each other and the picture of Crazy Legs]

    Principal Jindraike: Cease!

    [students finally stop throwing food and Jindraike tries finding out what happened around the cafeteria, then turns around and looks at Crazy Legs]

    Principal Jindraike: Sir, I assure you, this behavior... is utterly without precedent. Plus, it never happened before. Who? Who started this? If the culprit does not step forward... this instant... swift and horrible retribution... awaits each and every one of you.

    [the mokney walks jumps on Jindraike's back and his face is covered with mashed potatoes and gravy]

    Supt. Bobby 'Crazy Legs' Knebworth: This place is nuts.

    Principal Jindraike: Crazy Legs! Wait!

    [Crazy Legs leaves the school and the monkey continues jumping on Jindraike's back]

  • Principal Jindraike: [on loud speaker] Attention, students!

    [students laugh]

    Principal Jindraike: It's because of yesterday's crimes against the school, instigated by your former classmate Max Keeble. The following extracurricular activities are now suspended: art, music, P.E... fun! Suspended, discontinued, defunct!

    Girl at Class: Great. Your boyfriend Max Keeble just got us hosed.

    Jenna: He's just my paperboy. I never really liked him.

    Principal Jindraike: [teachers laugh, then Jindraike turns around and sees the fake Max Keeble with a peace sign] Keeble!

  • School Nurse: Now can you tell me what came between McGoogles and your fears? Is it something from your past or somebody?

    Dobbs: [shouting] Keeble!

    Principal Jindraike: Keeble.

    Troy McGinty: ...Keeble.

  • [waiting for Crazy Legs to arrive at the school]

    Principal Jindraike: Come on, you idiot.

    [instead, Crazy Legs has just arrived]

    Principal Jindraike: He's coming! He's coming!

    Principal Jindraike: [as he approaches the band] Straighten up, straighten up. Better. Ready? And...

    Supt. Bobby 'Crazy Legs' Knebworth: [the band then begins playing while Jindraike gets excited to see Crazy Legs] Oh, at last! At last! The moment we've all been waiting for. Crazy Legs. You look fit.

    Supt. Bobby 'Crazy Legs' Knebworth: Elliot. It's been too long.

    Principal Jindraike: I agree completely. Slip me that biscuit. Ooh, that's a hot one. OK, smile!

    [the photographers take a picture of Jindraike smiling while shaking hands with Crazy Legs]

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