Troy McGinty Quotes in Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)


Troy McGinty Quotes:

  • [Troy and Dobbs are surrounded by nerds]

    Troy McGinty: [sarcastically] I'm so scared.

    Megan: You should be. We're taking back our school.

    Robe: Yeah. No more being pushed around. No more being stepped on. No more Mr. Not-Nice-Guy.

    Slav #1: Your reign of terror over the student body has come to an abrupt halt!

    [kids are surprised, until "slav" resumes fake accent]

    Slav #1: Yes, please.

  • School Nurse: Now can you tell me what came between McGoogles and your fears? Is it something from your past or somebody?

    Dobbs: [shouting] Keeble!

    Principal Jindraike: Keeble.

    Troy McGinty: ...Keeble.

  • Dobbs: [to Max when they are about to bully him] You know how doctors say, "This isn't gonna hurt a bit"? Well, I'm not a doctor, and neither is McGinty here.

    Troy McGinty: He's right.

    [looks straight to Max closely]

    Troy McGinty: I'm not a doctor.

    Dobbs: [Shaking his hands like he's rapping] Yeeah!

  • Troy McGinty: I pound on kids. That's what I do, that's what I do! You know what they call me up there?

    [the school nurse nods her head no]

    Troy McGinty: The MacGoogler.

    [Troy then sobs]

    School Nurse: Troy, easy. Now, I'd like to take you through a childhood regression process. It may bring up some unpleasant memories... but I think you'll find it helpful in the end. All righty?

    Troy McGinty: Mmm-hmm.

    School Nurse: [reveals Troy the MacGoogles doll] Now, give Mr. MacGoogles a hug.

    Troy McGinty: [acting frightened] Aah! Aah! He's gonna eat me!

    [then sobs again]

    School Nurse: We've got some work to do.

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