Pretty Boy Floyd Quotes in Dillinger (1973)


Pretty Boy Floyd Quotes:

  • John Dillinger: What chased you out of Cookson Hills, Floyd?

    Pretty Boy Floyd: Well, the Feds were getting to my folks, and it's hard on them. And then damn Bonnie and Clyde ran through there. Weren't safe for no one. Bunch of mad dogs, that's what they were, and I ain't sorry to see them go.

    John Dillinger: No; small timers get into it, and ruin it for everyone.

  • [Pretty Boy Floyd has been hiding with a farm family when he sees the FBI pull up]

    Farm woman: Do you need a Bible?

    Pretty Boy Floyd: [shakes his head ruefully] I admit, I have sinned; I have been a sinner, but I enjoyed it. I have killed men, but the dirty sons-of-bitches deserved it. The way I figure it, it's too late for no Bible. Thanks just the same, Ma'am.

    [leaves through the window]

  • Baby Face Nelson: One thing. If we're going to work together, I want it understood I don't take no orders.

    Pretty Boy Floyd: I believe this is Mr. Dillinger's gang.

    Baby Face Nelson: Bah! He ain't my leader, I've got my own way of taking banks. I come in shooting, I kill everyone inside and I grab the dough. Very easy, it works very well. You don't like it, you get someone else.

  • Baby Face Nelson: If he screams like that again, the hunters downstairs are going to call the cops.

    John Dillinger: What do you expect me to do about it?

    Baby Face Nelson: Finish him! I wouldn't ask no different!

    Billie Frechette: Oh God, you can't do that!

    Pretty Boy Floyd: Leave the boy be! He deserves a chance. A man deserves a chance.

  • [Pretty Boy Floyd has been shot trying to escape the FBI]

    Melvin Purvis: Are you Pretty Boy Floyd?

    Pretty Boy Floyd: [gasping in pain] I'm. Charles. Arthur. Floyd

    Melvin Purvis: This is for Kansas City, boy.

    Pretty Boy Floyd: [in more pain] I wasn't in on that... I swear.

    Melvin Purvis: You shouldn't be lying when you're so close to your maker.

    Pretty Boy Floyd: [fading rapidly] You must be Purvis.

    Melvin Purvis: That's right.

    Pretty Boy Floyd: I'm. Glad. It. Was. You.


  • Melvin Purvis: Pretty Boy Floyd, you are under arrest

    Pretty Boy Floyd: It's Charles, Charles Floyd. Who are you?

    Melvin Purvis: Melvin Purvis, Bureau of Investigation. Where's your friend, Harry Campbell?

    Pretty Boy Floyd: I believe you've killed me, so you can go rot in hell

  • Pretty Boy Floyd: [to Barbara after robbing a bank] You know, when I'm not doing this, I'm a scout for the movies.

    [bug chuckle from all the boys]

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