Billie Frechette Quotes in Dillinger (1973)


Billie Frechette Quotes:

  • Baby Face Nelson: If he screams like that again, the hunters downstairs are going to call the cops.

    John Dillinger: What do you expect me to do about it?

    Baby Face Nelson: Finish him! I wouldn't ask no different!

    Billie Frechette: Oh God, you can't do that!

    Pretty Boy Floyd: Leave the boy be! He deserves a chance. A man deserves a chance.

  • Billie Frechette: I don't want to be there when they get you. Promise me that I won't have to be there when they get you.

    John Dillinger: They're not going to get me.

    Billie Frechette: I just don't want to see it. I just don't want to see it John.

    John Dillinger: They won't ever get me. I may not live forever, but I'd be a damn fool not to try!

  • Billie Frechette: Well, what did he sound like?

    John Dillinger: Who?

    Billie Frechette: Melvin Purvis.

    John Dillinger: Don't you ever say that name again!

  • Billie Frechette: [about Dillinger] You'll never get him.

    Melvin Purvis: Yes, I'll get him.

  • John Dillinger: What would you do if you could do anything in the world?

    Billie Frechette: I don't know; maybe go dancing with you again.

    John Dillinger: All right; if that's what you want, we'll go into Chicago tonight, have dinner and go dancing.

    Billie Frechette: [laughing] Johnnie; you can't go into Chicago!

    John Dillinger: Why not? I can go there to rob banks; I can go there to go dancing with my girl.

  • John Dillinger: You really don't know who I am, do you?

    Billie Frechette: Look,pal... you can be whoever you want. As far as I'm concerned, you're Douglas Fairbanks.

    John Dillinger: Who?

    Billie Frechette: Douglas Fairbanks

    John Dillinger: *Wrong*! I'm John Dillinger.

  • Billie Frechette: They're looking at me because they're not used to having a girl in their restaurant in a $3 dress.

    John Dillinger: Listen, doll. That's 'cause they're all about where people come from. The only thing that's important is where someone's going.

    Billie Frechette: [smiles] Where are you going?

    John Dillinger: Anywhere I want.

  • [last lines]

    Billie Frechette: They say you're the man who shot him.

    Charles Winstead: That's right. One of 'em.

    Billie Frechette: So why are you coming here to see me? To see the damage you done?

    Charles Winstead: No. I came here because he asked me to. When he went down, he said somethin'. I put my ear next to his mouth, and what I think he said was this. He said, 'Tell Billie for me: Bye bye, Blackbird.'

    [Billie starts to cry as Winstead gets up to leave]

  • Billie Frechette: Boy, you are in a hurry!

    John Dillinger: If you were looking at what I'm looking at, you'd be in a hurry, too.

  • Billie Frechette: [to the policeman who has been beating her] When my Johnny finds out how you slapped around his girl, you know what's going to happen to you, fat boy?

  • Billie Frechette: What do you want?

    John Dillinger: Everything. Right now.

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