Homer Van Meter Quotes in Dillinger (1973)


Homer Van Meter Quotes:

  • [repeated line]

    Homer Van Meter: Goddamit! Things ain't workin' out for me today!

  • Baby Face Nelson: Will you shut him up!

    Homer Van Meter: You better shut up yourself, ya little rat or I'll blow the back of yer goddamned head off.

  • Pearl: You kinda look like Dillinger, Mr. Long. Did anybody ever tell you that?

    John Dillinger: Oh, no. Do you mean John Dillinger, the criminal?

    Pearl: Uh huh.

    John Dillinger: Oh, some folks think I look like Douglas Fairbanks.

    Pearl: [laughs] I like Dillinger better.

    Homer Van Meter: He does look like him. I told him that a thousand times.

  • [repeated line]

    Homer Van Meter: son of a bitch!

  • [Dillinger, Pierpont and Makley walk up the stairs into a bank lobby; Makley walks over to one of the guards]

    Charles Makley: How are you today?

    [whips the guard, who falls to the floor]

    Charles Makley: On the floor now! Now! Do it! Do it!

    [Dillinger heads for a marble railing]

    Charles Makley: On the floor! Down! Now!

    [Dillinger leaps over the railing, Thompson in his right hand, and grabs the manager]

    John Dillinger: Let's play a game, Mr. President. It's called Spin the Dial.

    [the alarm goes off as Dillinger marches the bank manager at gunpoint towards the vault and Makley heads for the teller cages]

    Harry 'Pete' Pierpont: [to hostages] Put your hands up and sit down. On the floor.

    John Dillinger: All right pops. Open it up.

    [He watches the manager as a teller forces money into Makley's bag through the teller cage at gunpoint]

    Charles Makley: Empty it. Move! Move!

    [the manager looks for the key on his keychain]

    Grover Weyland: It's one of these.

    [Dillinger takes a second look at the lobby, then whips out a pistol and strikes the manager over the head, knocking him down]

    John Dillinger: You can be a dead hero or a live coward. Get it open.

    [the manager complies]

    Charles Makley: *All of it!*

    [breaks open another teller cage]

    Charles Makley: Empty it - all of it!

    Harry 'Pete' Pierpont: [to someone in the lobby] Sit down!

    Charles Makley: Push it to me.

    [Pierpont climbs up onto the railing and points his Thompson at another hostage]

    Harry 'Pete' Pierpont: Oi, don't move!

    [Cuts to Van Meter outside, hiding a BAR under his overcoat, watching the street. He looks to his left and sees a car pull to a stop in the middle of the nearby intersection; Van Meter quietly slips back into the doorway and taps his rifle against the door]

    Harry 'Pete' Pierpont: We got company!

    [Hamilton, in the getaway car, checks his watch, then pulls forward; one cop runs towards the bank while the others take up position behind their car]

    Angry Cop: [to Van Meter] Move outta there!

    [Makley slides his money bags along the lobby floor over to Pierpont, while Dillinger, finished with loading money from the vault, leads the bank manager towards the exit at gunpoint; he notices a customer's money on the counter]

    John Dillinger: You can put it away. Not here for your money, I'm here for the bank's.

    [Cut to outside, where the cop has just reached the door]

    Angry Cop: I said move it outta here!

    Homer Van Meter: What for?

    [Van Meter whips out his rifle, and jabs it at the cop's chest, then strikes him across the neck, spinning him around. Van Meter locks the cop into a chokehold with his left hand, levels his rifle over the cop's shoulder with his right hand, and opens fire]

    John Dillinger: [pointing his Thompson at a female teller] Come here sister. Take a ride.

    [He, Pierpont and Makley start walking towards the door; outside, Van Meter is spraying up the police car]

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