Bank Teller Quotes in Dillinger (1973)


Bank Teller Quotes:

  • John Dillinger: You have a nice smile, too, miss. I'd like to withdraw my entire account

    Bank Teller: Your entire account?

    John Dillinger: That's right... the whole thing

    Bank Teller: And your name?

    John Dillinger: John. John Dillinger.

    [pulls a pistol]

  • Gus: I'd like this changed into bills, please.

    Bank Teller: I have to count them. Just because you went and put them in rolls doesn't mean that I don't have to recount them.

    Gus: All right, then, recount them.

    Bank Teller: That could take hours.

    Gus: Then it'll take hours.

  • Bank Teller: [cashing Josh's first paycheck] Okay, so how would you like that?

    Josh: [he and Billy discuss it privately, then return to the window] Three dimes, a hundred dollar bill and 87 ones.

    Bank Teller: [pause] Okay...

    [takes out stack of $1 bills]

    Bank Teller: One, two, three, four...

  • Bank teller: Is this a joke?

    Joe: No ma'am, this is a bank robbery.

  • [last lines]

    Bank Teller: How can I help you?

    Eddie Boyd: I'd like to make a deposit, please.

  • Bank Teller: Did you know sir, in the future you can also use the ATM machine just outside the front doors and avoid the waiting in line for a teller?

    Terry Allen: Yes I did, thank you.

    Bank Teller: I love our customers prefer that option actually.

    Terry Allen: Really? Do you know what ATM stands for ? Automatic Teller Machine. So when you say ATM machine, what you're actually saying is automatic teller machine machine. Now either you're just being ignorantly redundant or you really want to emphasize that machine part. In which case you're not really providing very personal care or excellent service, are you? You just want to talk to customers, do some script that your manager set up for you to sell some programs or something like that, or give to you tellers behind the lines so to go outside and use the ATM?

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