Mrs. Worth Quotes in The Happiest Millionaire (1967)


Mrs. Worth Quotes:

  • John Lawless: Now there's a gorgeous sight! Are you getting ready for a party, Mrs. Worth?

    Mrs. Worth: [seriously] No, Mr. Biddle's on a chocolate cake diet.

    John Lawless: I beg your pardon?

    Mrs. Worth: He says it's the perfect food, containing "every essential element."

  • Mrs. Worth: [to George the alligator] Big ugly beast! You'd be a handbag if I had my way.

  • Quirt Evans: Funny thing about pancakes: I lose my appetite for 'em after the first couple a dozen.

    Mrs. Worth: Aw, they weren't very good this morning... too heavy.

  • [Dr. Mangrum and Mrs. Worth are discussing the recuperating Quirt Evans]

    Dr. Mangrum: Once, when I was studying medicine in Europe, I had a friend - an artist. He drew portraits of people and made them resemble the animals they reminded him of. He'd have drawn this man as a coiled cobra.

    Mrs. Worth: Ho ho ho, Doctor, you're analogy is terribly imperfect and your naturalism faulty. Cobras don't coil.

  • [Quirt has awakened after two days recovery]

    Mrs. Worth: Oh, if he's hungry he's going to be alright.

    Quirt Evans: Thanks a lot for housing me.

    Mrs. Worth: You're welcome. Smoked sausage and eggs?

    Quirt Evans: Sounds great.

    Mrs. Worth: Two eggs... or would you like three?

    Quirt Evans: I'd like six!

    Mrs. Worth: [laughs] You shall have them.

  • [after Laredo visits the ranch and pays Quirt for the land, Quirt prepares to leave and puts some of the money in a can for the Worths]

    Mrs. Worth: Oh no, Quirt, no!

    Quirt Evans: What kind of a boarder do you think I am?

    Thomas Worth: You can't do that. We'd tend to any wounded human... and not for pay.

    Quirt Evans: You don't believe in force - so you can't force me to take it back.

    Mrs. Worth: I'm afraid you're outwitted, Thomas.

    Quirt Evans: How long have I been here?

    Quirt Evans: Almost three weeks.

    Quirt Evans: Kinda hate to get goin'.

    Mrs. Worth: Oh, but you can't... your leg... you're in no condition to travel.

    Quirt Evans: Don't worry. Your cooking's got me grained up and ready for market. Adios amigos.

  • [Carson's preparing to leave the Worth farm, with two baskets of food]

    Frederick Carson: I just get a gnawin' hankerin' after good pies and truck like that.

    Mrs. Worth: Oh, Freddy Carson!

    Mrs. Worth: Yes'm.

    Mrs. Worth: I want you to have some of these.

    [puts some rolls in one of the baskets]

    Mrs. Worth: They're awful good with coffee in the mornin'.

    Frederick Carson: Makes me wanna go home and shoot my Chinee cook.

    Mrs. Worth: You just come back for more any time you like; there're always plenty.

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