Julie Marsden Quotes in Postcards from the Edge (1990)


Julie Marsden Quotes:

  • Julie Marsden: I want you to deal with your feelings, Suzanne, before they deal with you.

    Suzanne Vale: Do you always talk in bumper stickers?

    Julie Marsden: You know, addiction isn't the problem; it's the solution.

    Suzanne Vale: [talks and laughs over her] You do. You DO!

    Julie Marsden: And until you remove the solution, you can't see clearly what the problem is. This anger isn't about me. Who are you really angry with?

  • Julie Marsden: And you don't remember taking *any* drugs?

    Suzanne Vale: Oh well... sure... some!

  • Preston Dillard: You haven't a partner you have to meet, Cantrell?

    Buck Cantrell: Why, no. Came alone.

    Preston Dillard: [they glare at each other] Pleasant evening, isn't it?

    Buck Cantrell: Mighty pleasant. Nice and cool...

    Preston Dillard: [pointedly] Do you find it cool in here? I don't find it particularly cool. Do you, Julie?

    Julie Marsden: [looks up at Pres] Why... Why, no.

    Preston Dillard: [steps towards Buck] I don't find it particularly cool. Miss Julie doesn't find it so.

    Buck Cantrell: [stares at Pres] Why, no. Now you speak of it, it's just about right.

    Preston Dillard: Seems so to me.

    Buck Cantrell: [glares at Pres as a waltz begins] Your servant. Yours, Miss Julie.

    [bows to Julie]

  • Buck Cantrell: To the very good health of the future Mrs. Dillard.

    Julie Marsden: Buck, aren't you going to wish me happiness, too?

    Buck Cantrell: What's the use? You won't get it, marrying a traitor and going up North.

    Julie Marsden: Pres is a banker, not a traitor. I'll thank you to remember that.

  • Julie Marsden: Well, shall we go, Pres?

    Preston Dillard: Not 'til you're properly dressed.

    Julie Marsden: You're sure it's the dress? It couldn't be that you're afraid? Afraid somebody will insult me and you'll find it necessary to defend me?

  • [after the duel between Buck Cantrell and Ted Dillard ends tragically]

    Julie Marsden: Well say it. What are you thinkin'?

    Aunt Belle: I'm thinkin' of a woman called Jezebel who did evil in the sight of God.

  • Julie Marsden: Don't stand there with your eyes bulging out like that!

  • Julie Marsden: [about Preston] What does it matter who he loves? It's his life that matters.

  • Julie Marsden: [Preston returns after breaking their engagement] Pres, I can't believe it's you here. I dreamed about it so long. A lifetime. No, longer than that. I put on this white dress for you to help me tell ya how humbly I ask you to forgive me.

    [She drops to the floor]

  • Julie Marsden: Would you like to see my new dress?

    Preston Dillard: That's what I wanted to do all day!

    Julie Marsden: Well, let me go. There it is.

    Preston Dillard: For the Olympus Ball?

    Julie Marsden: Isn't it lovely?

    Preston Dillard: Julie, it's red!

    Julie Marsden: It's gorgeously red!

    Preston Dillard: You can't wear red to the Olympus Ball!

    Julie Marsden: Why not?

    Preston Dillard: You never saw an unmarried girl in anything but white!

    Julie Marsden: Well, you're going to see one tomorrow night.

    Preston Dillard: Julie, you can't be serious!

    Julie Marsden: Are you afraid someone will take me for one of those girls from Gallatin Street?

    Preston Dillard: Julie!

    Julie Marsden: Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot: I'm a child. I'm not supposed to know about things like Gallatin Street. I'm just supposed to flutter around in white.

    Preston Dillard: You're supposed to know better than to scandalize the whole town!

    Julie Marsden: [sarcastically sincere] It might be bad for the bank. Of course! Will you please hold another directors' meeting and ask them to decide what I can wear?

    Preston Dillard: Julie, for heaven's sake! Will you be reasonable?

    Julie Marsden: Were you reasonable this afternoon?

    Preston Dillard: So, that's it! You're just nursing a spite. Well, I'm not going to let you. You've made your point. For once, you're going to do as I say. I'm calling for you tomorrow night at ten, and you're going to be dressed properly for the ball, in white!

    Julie Marsden: Am I? Oh, but, of course, Preston. If you say so.

    Preston Dillard: Don't be absurd! Your own good sense will say so!

    Julie Marsden: And if it doesn't?

    Preston Dillard: Then, my sweet, you and I will sit at home quietly with our embroidery.

    [He kisses Julie]

    Preston Dillard: Good night. Tomorrow night at ten.

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