Jack Faulkner Quotes in Postcards from the Edge (1990)


Jack Faulkner Quotes:

  • Jack Faulkner: I do not like this particular side of you!

    Suzanne Vale: I'm not a box, I don't have sides. This is it, one side fits all!

  • Jack Faulkner: Are we breaking up?

    Suzanne Vale: We can't break up, we were never together.

    Jack Faulkner: Oh, that should come as news to you, you're acting like a wife.

    Suzanne Vale: Better than acting like a whore!

    Jack Faulkner: You're in no position to judge me, you've just got out of a drug clinic.

    Suzanne Vale: Where YOU belong, Mr. Pothead, Mr. Vodka, Mr. Bedroom Eyes!

    Jack Faulkner: What are you, a virgin? You weren't so hard to convince that first night.

    Suzanne Vale: I thought we didn't do anything that first night.

    Jack Faulkner: [sarcastically] I lied.

    [Suzanne angrily backs up her car]

    Jack Faulkner: [shouts after her] You know, you were a lot more fun when you were loaded! And 'Public Domain' was a piece of shit!

    [Suzanne fires four bullets with her prop gun]

    Suzanne Vale: Relax, they're blanks, asshole!

    [Suzanne drives off]

  • Doris Mann: So you said you have a ranch?

    Jack Faulkner: Yeah, out in Malibu.

    Doris Mann: If all ranchers looked like you, there wouldn't be many crops.

    Jack Faulkner: Depends on what you're raising.

    Doris Mann: Certainly not doubts!

    [both laugh, Suzanne enters]

    Doris Mann: Oh, I was just coming to get you, your little friend is here.

    Suzanne Vale: Can I speak to you for a moment in private?

    Doris Mann: Excuse me, my daughter wants to speak to me.

    [both step into alcove]

    Suzanne Vale: I would really just like a few people of my own without them having to like you so much!

    Doris Mann: I was just being friendly. And I don't care if he likes me or not, your friend in there with the bedroom eyes.

    Suzanne Vale: Right. And the living room nose, the kitchen forehead and den ears.

  • Jack Faulkner: What is it that especially bothers you, that it was on the same day or that it was Evelyn Ames?

    Suzanne Vale: It's not the fact that you fuck around A LOT, it's that you lie about it. You could have just told me the truth and then fucked them ALL. Had the cigarette with me.

    Jack Faulkner: That is such bullshit. Women are always saying it's not the fact that you left, it's the way that you did it. It's not that you fuck around, it's that you lie about it. You're all so full of shit. It IS the fact that I fuck around, and it is that fact that I WILL leave.

  • Suzanne Vale: You said you loved me.

    Jack Faulkner: I meant it at the time.

    Suzanne Vale: Well what was it, a viral love? Kind of a 24 hour thing? Apparently Evelyn smells like Catalina too; must be going around.

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