Executioner Quotes in Fallen (1998)


Executioner Quotes:

  • Executioner: [straps Reese in chair]

    Edgar Reese: [grabs executioner's arm and says] Hey, if you get me out of this I'll give you a blow job.

    Executioner: [immediately pulls awqay]

    Edgar Reese: Heh heh heh heh. Yee-haw!

  • [the Executioner tries to take off the hat of the Mat Hatter at the beheading platform]

    The Mad Hatter: I'd like to keep it on.

    Executioner: Suit yourself. As long as I can get at your neck.

  • Executioner: Any last requests?

    Roy Knable: Yeah, how about the long version of 'Stairway to Heaven'?

    Executioner: I'm afraid zat is not where you are going.

  • Executioner: [reading the death sentence] By order of the court...

    Crowley: Looks like Spike's gonna make his quota after all. I'm sorry, Mrs. Knable.

    Executioner: ...I deliver the soul of the Marquis de Knable to it's RIGHTFUL OWNER!

    Spike: Finally, he's mine!

  • Executioner: [Swordsman readies his sword] Mon Dieu! She looks at me! Distract her!

  • [last lines]

    Executioner: Forgive me, madam.

    Mary, Queen of Scots: I forgive you with all my heart. I thank you even. I hope this death shall put an end to all my troubles. For in my end is my beginning.


    Mary, Queen of Scots: Lord, into your hands I commend my spirit.

  • Executioner: [holding up the King's head] Behold, the head of a traitor!

  • Executioner: [Pinker's execution] Does the prisoner have any final words?

    Horace Pinker: Yeah, as a matter of fact I do:

    [narrows his eyes at Jonathan]

    Horace Pinker: Your pitiful memories wiped it all out, didn't it? I was beatin' you real good when your mama tried to stop me with the gun.

    Lt. Don Parker: [angrily] YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU FUCK!

    Executioner: [calms him down] The prisoner has a right so speak.

    Horace Pinker: [grinning evily] That's right. I was beatin' you real good when your mama tried to stop me with the gun that she brought into our happy home. You must've remembered it boy. Don't you remember the way she screamed? And how clever you were picking up that gun and shootin' me right through the fuckin' knee, you little peckerhead! Oh, such a big gun, just blastin' at your dear old dad with murder in your eyes. Like father, like son, huh?

    [Pinker chuckles evilly as Jonathan is shocked to hear all of this and then narrows his eyes at the Executioner]

    Horace Pinker: Well what are you waiting for, dickhead? You wanna fry me, then get it over with you bunch of fuckin' insects!

    Executioner: [to one of the security guards] Well, you heard the man.

  • Executioner: He's innocent!

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