Teenage Girl Quotes in Fallen (1998)


Teenage Girl Quotes:

  • [after killing man possessed by Azazel]

    John Hobbes: [whistles Time is on my side]

    Teenage Girl: [becomes possessed and sings] Yes it is.

    John Hobbes: [spins around very slowly/shocked]

    Teenage Girl: [sweetly] Hiya pal.


    Teenage Girl: Wake up Hobbes. I'm not that easy to kill. When my host dies and I move as spirit, no man can resist me. What are you going to do? Arrest me? What'll you tell Stanton then? I'd *love* to hear that one.

    John Hobbes: It's me that you want. Why don't you just kill me.

    Teenage Girl: But I'm still having fun.

  • [first lines]

    Mother: [walking in a busy market square] You really will have to rethink your lifestyle, you know?

    Pregnant Daughter: What lifestyle are you taking about, mum?

    Mother: Wine only on Fridays. And try to think about dark green vegetables.

    Young Man on Cellphone: [appearing another video monitor] So really, that's the same as saying we'll never see each other again. Well it is. It just is.

    Woman on Cellphone: [on another monitor] How can I do anything if I don't know what you want?

    Teenage Girl: [in the background] She was so upset about it, and I said to her, "Look," I said, "you've got boobs. They're there, look." Staying in is pathetic when she could be out having a good time.

  • Sally: Oh, I've always wanted to go swimming in the moonlight.

    Teenage girl: What'll we do for bathing suits.

    Another Teenaged Girl: We won't wear any!

  • Teenage boy: One hot lover coming right up!

    Teenage girl: One ripe peach coming right down!

  • Viola Peazant: When I left this island, I was a sinner and I didn't even know it. But I left this island, touched over to the mainland, and fell into the arms of the Lord.

    Pezant child: What they got out there, Viola?

    Viola Peazant: Life, child, the beginning of a new life.

    Teenage girl: Who they out there?

    Viola Peazant: Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

  • Teenage Girl: [Leans over and sobs with Erin, Kemper, Morgan, Andy and Pepper all watching her in the van] He's a bad man... he's a REALLY bad man!

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