Mayor Kuzack Quotes in RoboCop 2 (1990)


Mayor Kuzack Quotes:

  • Mayor Kuzack: So you deliberately undermined our credit.

    Holzgang: That was the easy part.

    Mayor Kuzack: And engineered the police strike. Do you want Detroit to-to... to tear itself apart so you can raid it like you would any other corporation? Do you know how many people are dying out there? You're murderers.

    Holzgang: I'd advise you to say nothing further. It might be... actionable.

    Mayor Kuzack: It's bullshit! BULLSHIT, YA SENILE OLD BASTARD!

    Poulos: All right, calm down.

    Mayor Kuzack: It's bullshit!

    Poulos: I think we better get out of here.

    Mayor Kuzack: I'm okay!

    Poulos: Calm down. I-I think we'd better leave.

    Mayor Kuzack: I'm calm.

    Poulos: Calm down.

    [Kuzack and Poulous head towards the door]

    Mayor Kuzack: I'm okay. I'm okay.

    Poulos: All right. Good.

    Mayor Kuzack: I'm in control. Everything is fine. It's okay. I'm fine.

    Mayor Kuzack: [stops and turns around] One last thing, gentlemen: we will sue your asses.

    The Old Man: Give it your best shot.

    Mayor Kuzack: FUCK YOU, YA OLD SENILE BASTARD! This is bullshit! Fuck you! This is bullshit!

  • Mayor Kuzack: How are we supposed to raise that kind of money with things the way they are?

    The Old Man: You aren't.

    Mayor Kuzack: What the hell is he talking about?

    The Old Man: We don't expect you to pay.

    Holzgang: Let me refer you to our contract. "In the event of default, OCP shall have the uncontested right of foreclosure on all city assets."

    Poulos: [reading contract for himself, then to the Mayor] You SIGNED this.

    Mayor Kuzack: So you're saying we miss one payment and you can foreclose.

    The Old Man: We can and we will. We're taking Detroit private.

  • The Old Man: [Mayor Kuzack enters the room] My friends, welcome to our city as it should be, and as it will be in the hands of responsible private enterprise.

    The Old Man: [applause] And a special welcome to mayor Kuzack and the outgoing administration.

    Mayor Kuzack: Oh, we're not going anywhere.

    The Old Man: [murmurs] Your Honor.

    Mayor Kuzack: You'll have to tear down a lot of people's houses before you can make that thing and take away their homes.

    The Old Man: We're going to raise towers of glass and steel. Every citizen will have a living unit. Safe, secure and clean. Now please, take your seat.

    Mayor Kuzack: Won't be much room for neighborhoods, huh? Not like the kind that we all grew up in.

    The Old Man: These days, neighborhoods just seem to be the sort of places where bad things happen. Don't be nostalgic.

    Mayor Kuzack: What about democracy? Nobody elected you.

    The Old Man: Anyone can buy OCP's stock and own a piece of our city. What could be more democratic than that?

    Mayor Kuzack: Well, let me tell you: there are a lot of people in this town who can't afford to buy your stock, and they're not gonna let you get away with this!

    The Old Man: You haven't been following the polls. Sit down.

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