Ernst Stavro Blofeld Quotes in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)


Ernst Stavro Blofeld Quotes:

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Merry Christmas, 007.

    James Bond: [as Hillary Bray] I'm Sir Hillary Bray.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: No no no, Mr. Bond. Respectable baronets from the College of Heralds do "not" seduce female patients in clinics. On the other hand, they do get their professional details... "right". The De Bleauchamps tombs are "not" in the Augsburg Cathedral as you said, but in the Ste. Anna Kirch. Sir Hillary Bray would have known!

    [Bond looks down and sighs, finally aware that he has been made]

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: [beat] Small slip. It takes more than a few props to turn 007 into a Herald.

    [breaks Bond's glasses]

    James Bond: [normal voice] It'll take more than cutting off your earlobes, Blofeld, to turn you into a Count.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: I may yet suprise you. But I'm afraid you have no more suprises left for me. I know all about your mission, Mr. Bond.

    [Blofeld throws Campbell's mountain climbing equipment at the floor]

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Your colleague! Such a keen climber, and a brilliant conversationalist... before he left us.

    James Bond: You realize that he reported where I am.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Oh, I doubt that. In any case, no one is coming to your rescue, Mr. Bond. In a few short hours, the United Nations will receive a Yultide greeting. The information that I now possess the scientific means to control, or to destroy, the economy of the whole world. People will have more important things to deal with than you.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: I've taught you to love chickens, to love their flesh, their voice.

  • [Bond has realized what Blofeld is really up to]

    James Bond: Allergy vaccines? Bacteria. Bacteriological Warfare.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: With a difference. Our big breakthrough since last summer has been the confection of a certain... Virus Omega.

    James Bond: Infertility.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: TOTAL Infertility! In plants and animals. Not just disease in a few herds, Mr. Bond. Or the loss of a single crop. But the destruction of a whole strain. Forever! Throughout an entire continent. If my demands are not met, I shall proceed with the systematic extinction of whole species of cereals and livestock all over the world!

  • [Blofeld wants to share his life with Tracy]

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Now, if you're very, very nice to me. I could make you my Countess.

    Tracy: But I'm already a Countess.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Whereas if you displease me, I can promise you a very *different* estate.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Open the compact. Adjust the point of control. Every night at midnight you must be alone. I will tell you what to do. I will tell you how. And once you obey my instructions you will forget them forever. Forever. Forever. Forever...

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Provide him with the usual comforts.

    Irma Bunt: Ya!

  • James Bond: Once they're warned, you'll have a problem dispensing the stuff.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: That problem has already been solved. I've been training my own special - angels of death.

    James Bond: Those girls.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Those girls - and many others like them.

    James Bond: But exactly how?

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: That will remain my secret.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: You perverse British. How you love your exercise.

  • Tracy: Take me to the Alpine Room.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Are you unhappy here?

    Tracy: I want to see the dawn.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: So - poetic a pleasure. What were all the world's charms to mighty Paris, when he found that dawn in the arms of his Helen?

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Number 11.

    SPECTRE Number 11: Distribution of Red China narcotics in the United States: two million three hundred thousand dollars, collected by Number 9 and myself.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Two million three? Our expectations were considerably... higher, Number 11.

    SPECTRE Number 11: Competition from Latin America. Prices are down.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: I anticipated that factor. Are you quite sure all monies have been accounted for by yourself and Number 9?

    SPECTRE Number 11: To the penny, Number 1.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: On the contrary, I have satisfied myself that one of you is clearly guilty of embezzlement. SPECTRE's a dedicated fraternity whose strength lies in the absolute integrity of its members. The culprit is known to me. I have decided on the appropriate action.

    [SPECTRE Number 9 is electrocuted in his seat]

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: We will now proceed with the area of financial reports. Number 7.

    SPECTRE Number 7: Blackmail of the double agent Matsu Fujiwa. Unfortunately, only fourteen million yen: all the man had.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Sit down, Number Two. We will discuss your NATO project later. I regret to inform you all of the death of SPECTRE Number Six. Colonel Jacques Bouvar was killed by an unknown assassin. His services will be greatly missed.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Let us now proceed with new business. We will hear from Number Two, who's in charge of our NATO project, the most ambitious SPECTRE has ever undertaken. Your report, Number Two.

    Emilio Largo: Thank you, Number One. Our intention is to demand the ransom of the North Atlantic treaty powers, of two hundred and eighty million dollars: a hundred million pounds. I have sent SPECTRE agent Count Lippe to the south of England, where he is making the necessary preparations. He is at a health clinic, conveniently located near the NATO air base.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: [on tape recording] A container will be dropped off the coast of Burma, in the Mergui Archipelago, latitude twenty degrees north, longitude sixty degrees east, at twenty hundred hours Greenwich mean time on May 27th. It will hold blue white flawless diamonds, between three and eight karats, total value to be not less than than one hundred million pounds present market price. After we have recovered the container and verified its contents you will be notified on radio frequency sixteen point two three megacycles where the atomic bombs may be recovered.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld: [on tape recording] My dear Prime Minister, two atomic bombs, numbers 4-5-6 and 4-5-7, which were aboard NATO Flight 7-5-9, are now in the possession of SPECTRE. Unless within the next seven days your government pays to us one hundred million pounds sterling, in a manner to be designated by us, we shall destroy a major city in England or the United States of America. Please signal your acceptance of our terms by arranging for Big Ben to strike seven times at six p.m. tomorrow.

  • Disco Volante radio operator: Paris, Sir. Number One on the scrambler.

    Emilio Largo: Number Two speaking. Phase Two completed.

    Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Number Two has done well. Unlike Count Lippe, whose choice of Angelo might have jeopardized the success of our project. Send a message to the Execution Branch.

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