Darla Dimple Quotes in Cats Don't Dance (1997)


Darla Dimple Quotes:

  • Darla Dimple: [in movie] Yea, as you walk through your valley of despair, fear not. For I am your little Ark Angel, and I will look after each and every little, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy one of you!

    [crowd "awww"s]

    Cranston: Shoot me.

  • Darla Dimple: I'm the star, you stupid, stupid cat! I should have drowned you all when I FLOODED THE STAGE!

    Darla Dimple: [echoing over the PA] Flooded the stage!... flooded the stage!... flooded the stage!

    Crowd: Darla Dimple! I can't believe it.

    [Darla tries to act sweet, then Pudge opens a trap door under her]

    Darla Dimple: [as she falls down the trap door] MAAAAAAX!

    Max: [on the Darla balloon, floating over Paris] Oui, Miss Dimple?

  • Darla Dimple: [singing] I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go / There's one thing that I know / You gotta give the people what they want / Or you'll wind up back in Kokomo, Nebraska.

    Danny: Uh, Indiana, Ms. Dimple.

    Darla Dimple: ...Whatever.

  • Darla Dimple: Flannigan, the title of this picture is "Li'l Ark Angel"... ISN'T IT!

    Flanigan: Yes... yes.

    Darla Dimple: And who in here is an angel?

    Flanigan: Mmmm... mmmm?

    Darla Dimple: I SAID WHO IN HERE'S AN ANGEL?

    Flanigan: Why, you are, Darla, sweetheart, celebrity, darling...

    [Darla pulls on Flannigan's tie]

    Flanigan: [choking] ACK... angel!

    Darla Dimple: That's right! I AM an angel! I... am... an adorable... little... ANGEL!

  • Darla Dimple: I... hate... *animals!*

    [pointing to Danny]

    Darla Dimple: Especially that one!

  • Darla Dimple: They like it big, they like it loud / Maybe a little bit jazzy sometimes / Mister Pussycat, listen to me / You don't have to be good, but you had better be...

    Max: Get hot, Miss Dimple.

    Darla Dimple: Big and Loud! / Big and Loud! / Wanna make your mamma proud / Make it big / And / Loud!

  • Darla Dimple: [singing] I didn't get where I am today / By getting myself get pushed around / No man nor beast / Nor kitty cat nor doggie / Is going to bring me down.

    Max: Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Darla Dimple: Shut up, Max.

  • Darla Dimple: Now, the people they were so bad / That the Lord made the rain come down / And He washed away the bad cities, and He washed away the bad towns / And all of the people drowned / With the animals it was different, though some of them drowned too / The others were just poor animals, and they didn't know what to do / So... I built a little ark / As cute as it can be / And I put all the animals two by two / On my little boat on the sea.

  • L.B. Mammoth: Ah, the recipe for a Darla Dimple movie. Begin with one part adorable character in jeopardy.

    [inside the soundstage, Darla has tied up Pudge]

    Darla Dimple: Sorry, penguin, but in everyone's life, a little rain must fall. Max, man the valves!

    Max: Yes, Miss Dimple.

    [Max opens the water valves]

    L.B. Mammoth: Add two parts perky determination...

    Darla Dimple: More water, Max. More water!

    L.B. Mammoth: Sprinkle in an air of innocence...

    Darla Dimple: Wind, Max! We must have WIND!

    L.B. Mammoth: Stir in with...

    Darla Dimple: More water!

    L.B. Mammoth: Add a pinch of...

    Darla Dimple: Thunder!

    L.B. Mammoth: And an itsy-bisty dash of...

    Darla Dimple: LIGHTNING! Ah-ha-ha-ha!

    L.B. Mammoth: Mix them all together, and what do you get?

    [the stage doors open, revealing a flooded stage which then spills out into the lot]

  • [after finishing "Big & Loud", to a stunned Danny]

    Darla Dimple: [in cutesy voice] Kinda makes you speechless...

    Darla Dimple: [in sultry voice] ... don't it?

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