Cody Maverick Quotes in Surf's Up (2007)


Cody Maverick Quotes:

  • Cody Maverick: I don't understand why everybody have to be so judgmental. I understand why mom's judgmental. I think it's 'cause she cares, *partially*. Think it's also partially 'cause, everyone else is lookin' at her like, "Hey, Cody's just a bum." "Cody's this," "Cody's that," "Cody's this."


    Cody Maverick: Cody's me, bro. Let me be me. When is that going to start?

  • Filmmaker: Since we're talking about surfing, why don't you give us your thoughts about surfing?

    Cody Maverick: Surfing, surfing... Where do I start?

    Filmmaker: How about just at the beginning?

    Cody Maverick: Okay, well... So as soon as there was the first wave, right? - there was the first surfer. All they needed was, like, um, a piece of driftwood, a block of ice or something like that, and then they were off. And they were hooked, man. They were hooked. Up 'till recent times, you had your old dudes, you know, your hang-six cats, these old guys used to lay down with these huge, humongous boards. These guys were the pioneers, but nobody saw what surfing could really be until Big Z did it.

    Filmmaker: Could you tell us who Big Z was?

    Cody Maverick: Who was Big Z? You're asking the right guy. You got that far. Z is everything. Big Z is surfing. I mean, there might as well not been an ocean before Z. They invented the ocean for him. Cause he lived so hard because he wasn't afraid to live. He wasn't afraid to die. He came to Antarctica when I was just a kid. Man, it was the biggest thing that ever happened here. And suddenly there he was. Just floating over the water. Just hovering, you know, like weightless. He could've walked up to anyone, and he walks right up to me. And he gives me this awesome, one-of-a-kind Big Z necklace. And then he tells me, "You know, kid, never give up. Find a way, 'cause that's what winners do." He was the greatest. Everyone looked up to him, respected him, loved him. And one day, one day, I'm gonna be just like him.

  • Lani Aliikai: [Cody and Lani wash off under a waterfall] Can I ask you something personal?

    Cody Maverick: Lani, we're in the shower together! Y'can say whatever you want.

  • Big Z: Look at that. Do you know what you're sitting on there? This is koa wood. The best surfboards in the world are made of that stuff.

    Cody Maverick: Yeah?

    Big Z: You got a koa board?

    Cody Maverick: I don't have a board board.

    Big Z: Well, you wanna... you wanna make one?

    Cody Maverick: Nah.

    Big Z: What? Man! I come all the way back here to give you the necklace, and now I'm offering to make you a board and you say "Nah"? Get off your lazy butt, we're making a board. Come on. It'll be the best board you ever had, I'll tell you that.

  • Cody Maverick: Well, I lost.

    Big Z: Yeah. Me, too. Come on, loser.

  • [last lines]

    Cody Maverick: Here I am, having a good time, riding the waves with my friends, not caring about who wins or loses but just surfing. Good old-fashioned fun, that's, well, fun! Okay, I guess you're just tired of hearing me talk about myself, so I'm off...

    [runs into the waves to surf]

  • Big Z: That's the best place in the world to be. In the tube.

    Cody Maverick: Really?

    Big Z: Oh, yeah. Better than winning.

  • Cody Maverick: Good ol' Shiverpool.

    [makes fart noise]

    Cody Maverick: Heh-heh. This place sucks, bro.

  • Filmmaker: So, Cody, when you take your first wave, and the whole island's there to watch, what's it gonna be like?

    Cody Maverick: It's gonna be amazing. Honestly, it'll be the best wave of my life, and I hope the cameras are rolling because you're gonna want to watch it over and over and over and over again. It's gonna be awesome

    [cut to Maverick wiping out]

  • Tank Evans: I'm gonna chum the water with your head!

    Cody Maverick: Bring it on, pecker face! Let's go.

    Tank Evans: Pecker face?

  • Filmmaker: Do you have any other talents?

    Cody Maverick: Heh, you mean like, singin' and dancin'? Naw, man, I just surf.

  • Cody Maverick: [to the camera] I've been surfing ever since I can remember. It's hard to imagine any part of my life when I wasn't surfing.

  • Cody Maverick: [to the camera] I'm not gonna lie to you. This is like, it's huge man. Winners find a way, no matter what, right?

  • Lani Aliikai: Oh, crap!

    [runs out to save drowning penguin]

    Cody Maverick: Oh man, I'm in love.

    Arnold: Help me, I'm drowning.

    Chicken Joe: What are you standing here next to me for? You should go talk to her.

    Cody Maverick: No way, man! I'm not gonna go talk to her.

    Chicken Joe: Dude, she's totally into you! She called you crap!

  • [Cody has just raspberried at Glen]

    Glen Maverick: That's really disrespectful.

    [Cody blows another raspberry]

    Glen Maverick: I would never do that...

    Cody Maverick: Mm-hm. You just wouldn't make it out of your mouth.

  • Cody Maverick: [he and Big Z are hanging upside down] Can we do some training? Like, seriously, please?

    Big Z: What are you talking about? Whaddaya think we're doing?

    Cody Maverick: We're acting like a couple of nut jobs, that's what I think we're doing.

    Big Z: Yeah, good. You're learning.

  • Glen Maverick: [offscreen] Loooooserrrrr!

    [hits Cody in the head with a snowball]

    Filmmaker: Y'know we're here to make a movie about Cody...

    Cody Maverick: Why does - does he have to be here?

    Glen Maverick: Yeah, it's gonna be great. Can I get in line now to *not* see it?

  • Cody Maverick: This is insane.

    Lani Aliikai: Stop fighting it, Cody! Just let go!

  • Edna Maverick: It really wasn't that easy for him growing up. Like I said before, he never, he never really knew his father.

    Cody Maverick: I'm not really the person to ask about it, truthfully, because I was too young to remember. I mean, look, I'm not the only kid on the island whose dad was... y'know... eaten.

  • Cody Maverick: [on camera] I could tell he needed some space and, you know, some time for himself. I didn't want, you know, ask him all these questions, so I just kind of stood there quietly.

    Cody Maverick: You're Big Z! I can't believe it! You're alive! You're alive!

    Cody Maverick: [on camera] That's the respectful way to go, I think.

  • Big Z: You mess up my board, I'm messing up your other foot.

    Cody Maverick: Hey, I'm just trying to ride this canoe of whatever it is, okay?

  • Cody Maverick: My name's Cody Maverick, Shiverpool. You?

    Chicken Joe: No, I'm not from Shiverpool. Dude, I'm from Lake Michigan. That's where I surf. I was the only one around my town who did it.

  • Big Z: You havin' fun?

    Cody Maverick: I hate you.

  • [Cody chucks a sleeping Z into water]

    Big Z: Are ya having fun?

    Cody Maverick: [laughing] Yeah, I'm having fun!

    Big Z: Good! You passed!

  • Lani Aliikai: You know, I'm kinda jealous of you...

    Cody Maverick: Of me? ME? Why?

    Lani Aliikai: Well, I've been trying to get Z out of his shack for years, and then along you come and you get him out in one day...

    Cody Maverick: What's the story between you two, anyway?

    Lani Aliikai: He's my uncle.

    Cody Maverick: Your UNCLE?

    Lani Aliikai: Yeah. He's the only family I've ever had.

  • [wandering around the jungle]

    Cody Maverick: It's tough enough losing a father, but to go through it AGAIN...

  • [first lines]

    Filmmaker: Quiet on the set. And we're rolling. Cody Maverick interview, take one.

    Cody Maverick: So why are you guys here to interview me?

  • Lani Aliikai: Okay.

    Cody Maverick: That was awesome. How you said his life and all. That was just unbelievable really.

  • Lani Aliikai: I'll be watching you.

    Cody Maverick: Really? You'll be watching me?

    Lani Aliikai: Well, yeah, from the lifeguard station.

    Cody Maverick: Yeah, you know yeah.

  • Big Z: What are you doing? Hey, who said you...? Turn the board around. Get back here.

    Cody Maverick: Come out here and show me some moves.

  • Big Z: Long smooth strokes. Dig deep. Dig, come on.

    Cody Maverick: I'm digging! I'm digging!

    Big Z: Keep the nose up! Keep it up! Watch it! You're pearling!

    Cody Maverick: What are you doing?

    Big Z: Come on, please? Z, I can't learn anything with you on the beach, man.

    Cody Maverick: Well, then you're not gonna learn anything. Now, come in.

  • Cody Maverick: [to Big Z] It's a work in progress, bro.

  • Cody Maverick: How many points would you give for getting tube? Like, what does it depend on for the contest?

    Big Z: Points? You know who you sound like right now?

  • Big Z: You wanna surf like Big Z used to right?

    Cody Maverick: Yeah.

    Big Z: I got some tests here to figure out your potential.

    Cody Maverick: Let's do it.

  • Cody Maverick: [to Big Z] Oh, well, well this is, that's great. As long as we're all having fun, right?

  • Big Z: You did it. You're ready. Let's surf. Come on.

    Cody Maverick: Don't play with me Z. We're surfing? Yes!

  • Rob: I don't believe this. This contest was Maverick's to win. Now Evans pushing Maverick out of bounds and into the Bone Yards.

    Cody Maverick: Tank, look out.

    Tank Evans: You look out.

    Big Z: Code!

    Cody Maverick: Z!

    Big Z: Cody, come on!

    Cody Maverick: Z!

    Big Z: Paddle! Come on! Dig! Faster! Come on. Dig! Dig!

    [sees a wave coming]

    Big Z: Don't dig! Don't dig!

    Cody Maverick: What?

    Big Z: Let the wave carry you, Cody. You're gonna have to time it! You're gonna come right here. Right to me. Five... four...

    Cody Maverick: Three... two... one... Z!

  • Cody Maverick: You should have been here yesterday. We had a sweet swell yesterday.

  • Cody Maverick: Was that cool? You guys got what you need?

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