Big Z Quotes in Surf's Up (2007)


Big Z Quotes:

  • Big Z: No joy, man. No joy. Fail.

  • Big Z: Look at that. Do you know what you're sitting on there? This is koa wood. The best surfboards in the world are made of that stuff.

    Cody Maverick: Yeah?

    Big Z: You got a koa board?

    Cody Maverick: I don't have a board board.

    Big Z: Well, you wanna... you wanna make one?

    Cody Maverick: Nah.

    Big Z: What? Man! I come all the way back here to give you the necklace, and now I'm offering to make you a board and you say "Nah"? Get off your lazy butt, we're making a board. Come on. It'll be the best board you ever had, I'll tell you that.

  • Big Z: [Lying on his surfboard in the water with Lani and Cody in the sunset] This is what it's all about. What could be better than this?

  • Big Z: Back in that day, winning was everything to me, and I knew I was gonna beat Tank. But then he starts surfing circles around me. I saw what he was doing. Times change. Well, I didn't want to go back to that beach, in front of all my fans, thinking "Look at Big Z, the loser, the has-been." So... poof! Big Z's dead. And he's gonna stay that way.

  • Cody Maverick: Well, I lost.

    Big Z: Yeah. Me, too. Come on, loser.

  • Big Z: That's the best place in the world to be. In the tube.

    Cody Maverick: Really?

    Big Z: Oh, yeah. Better than winning.

  • Big Z: You know what surfing is about in here.

    [points to head]

    Big Z: but not in here.

    [points to heart]

  • Big Z: [reaches out to catch some rainwater in a water gourd in the treehouse that serves as his residence] Sure-fire remedy - learned it from an old medicine man... works every time.

  • Reggie Belafonte: Hay, check this out! You wanna talk talent scouts? People find talent, I bring them back from the dead! The now living legend...

    Big Z: Reggie, shut up.

    Reggie Belafonte: What? What do you mean shut up?

    Big Z: I'm not a legend. I'm just a guy looking for a nice wave and some good friends.

  • Big Z: How's it going, Skank? You have a little sand in your egg sack there, fella.

  • Big Z: [Cody is balancing on his board] And a big set comes in...

    [splashes Cody with a bucket of water; Cody falls]

    Big Z: Ha ha ha, WIPE OUT!

  • Cody Maverick: [he and Big Z are hanging upside down] Can we do some training? Like, seriously, please?

    Big Z: What are you talking about? Whaddaya think we're doing?

    Cody Maverick: We're acting like a couple of nut jobs, that's what I think we're doing.

    Big Z: Yeah, good. You're learning.

  • Big Z: You mess up my board, I'm messing up your other foot.

    Cody Maverick: Hey, I'm just trying to ride this canoe of whatever it is, okay?

  • Filmmaker: Mr. Topanga, Mr. Topanga! Can you tell us why you're not dead?

    Big Z: No!

    [breaks the boom mike being waved at him]

    Big Z: I am dead!

    [disappears back inside his hut]

  • Big Z: You havin' fun?

    Cody Maverick: I hate you.

  • [Cody chucks a sleeping Z into water]

    Big Z: Are ya having fun?

    Cody Maverick: [laughing] Yeah, I'm having fun!

    Big Z: Good! You passed!

  • Big Z: Hey, everybody. Yep, it's me. It's Z. I got lost out there, but this young kid, Cody, he brought me back to shore. Thanks a lot, Cody.

    [Lani embraces Cody out of sheer joy]

  • Big Z: What are you doing? Hey, who said you...? Turn the board around. Get back here.

    Cody Maverick: Come out here and show me some moves.

  • Big Z: Long smooth strokes. Dig deep. Dig, come on.

    Cody Maverick: I'm digging! I'm digging!

    Big Z: Keep the nose up! Keep it up! Watch it! You're pearling!

    Cody Maverick: What are you doing?

    Big Z: Come on, please? Z, I can't learn anything with you on the beach, man.

    Cody Maverick: Well, then you're not gonna learn anything. Now, come in.

  • Cody Maverick: How many points would you give for getting tube? Like, what does it depend on for the contest?

    Big Z: Points? You know who you sound like right now?

  • Big Z: You wanna surf like Big Z used to right?

    Cody Maverick: Yeah.

    Big Z: I got some tests here to figure out your potential.

    Cody Maverick: Let's do it.

  • Big Z: You did it. You're ready. Let's surf. Come on.

    Cody Maverick: Don't play with me Z. We're surfing? Yes!

  • Rob: I don't believe this. This contest was Maverick's to win. Now Evans pushing Maverick out of bounds and into the Bone Yards.

    Cody Maverick: Tank, look out.

    Tank Evans: You look out.

    Big Z: Code!

    Cody Maverick: Z!

    Big Z: Cody, come on!

    Cody Maverick: Z!

    Big Z: Paddle! Come on! Dig! Faster! Come on. Dig! Dig!

    [sees a wave coming]

    Big Z: Don't dig! Don't dig!

    Cody Maverick: What?

    Big Z: Let the wave carry you, Cody. You're gonna have to time it! You're gonna come right here. Right to me. Five... four...

    Cody Maverick: Three... two... one... Z!

  • Big Z: He's not even paying attention to that wave.

    Filmmaker: What wave?

    Big Z: That one.

    [Draws an X on the sand]

    Big Z: Five, four, three, two, one.

    [the wave overtakes Cody and washes him ashore at the X Big Z draws on the sand]

  • Big Z: [teaching Cody to carve a board] All right, look. First of all, with the grain. With the grain. You see what I'm doing here? You let the tool do the work, you see? Just like you're riding the wave, you let the wave do the work. You don't fight the wave. You can't fight these big waves.

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