Chicken Joe Quotes in Surf's Up (2007)


Chicken Joe Quotes:

  • [repeated line]

    Chicken Joe: Radical.

  • Chicken Joe: Cody. I know he's out here. I can feel it in my nuggets!

  • Chicken Joe: You know, we've known each other way back since, like... yesterday, I think it was.

  • Rob: How's it feel to win, Joe?

    Chicken Joe: I won?

  • Chicken Joe: So it's day three. I come across Pen Guans.

    Chicken Joe: [Cut to Joe tied to a spit, carried by Pen Guans] I'm Chicken Joe. Joseph. It's long for Joe.

    [Pen Guan shouts at Joe in native language]

    Chicken Joe: That's cool.

    Chicken Joe: [cut back to Joe] They treat me as their king and put me in their hot tub. I guess their royal hot tub.

    [Cut to Joe in a boiling pot, while Pen Guins dance and cut vegetables to put on pot]

    Chicken Joe: It got all hot and steamy. It really opened up my pores.

    [Pen Guans throw vegetables in pot]

    Chicken Joe: They even served me food while I was in there. As great as it was, I still had a vision of my quest.

    [Joe steps out of pot, Pen Guans shout and throw spears]

  • [in the aftermath of a storm]

    Chicken Joe: Lani, where's Cody?

    [Cody's surfboard washes ashore, and Lani starts crying]

  • Lani Aliikai: Oh, crap!

    [runs out to save drowning penguin]

    Cody Maverick: Oh man, I'm in love.

    Arnold: Help me, I'm drowning.

    Chicken Joe: What are you standing here next to me for? You should go talk to her.

    Cody Maverick: No way, man! I'm not gonna go talk to her.

    Chicken Joe: Dude, she's totally into you! She called you crap!

  • Chicken Joe: Whoah! You gotta try this blowhole thing, man! This whale dude is giving me a brain freeze.

  • Chicken Joe: [to Lani] I can help, though. Except if there's blood. Just the thought of blood makes me... makes me...


  • Cody Maverick: My name's Cody Maverick, Shiverpool. You?

    Chicken Joe: No, I'm not from Shiverpool. Dude, I'm from Lake Michigan. That's where I surf. I was the only one around my town who did it.

  • Chicken Joe: Squidito on el stickito?

  • Chicken Joe: Butt freeze!

  • Tank Evans: First, I'm gonna take you down. Then I'm gonna fry the chicken.

    Chicken Joe: [Lying on his board, staring at the sky] Whoa! That cloud looks just like a kitten. Aww.

  • Filmmaker: Aren't you worried about being out here in the jungle? Isn't it kinda dangerous?

    Chicken Joe: Dude, the jungle is like the most peaceful place on the planet.

    [Pen Guans appear and blow darts at Joe and the camera]

  • Patrick 'Patsy' Goldberg: [Patsy and Max have Crowning at gunpoint and are trying to get Chicken Joe and Willie the Ape to release O'Donnell] Just swapping prisoners.

    Philip 'Cockeye' Stein: Fair trade, huh, chickenhead?

    [Chicken Joe turns and sees Cockeye and Noodles standing to his right]

    Philip 'Cockeye' Stein: Union boy over here, for Mister Boss Man.

    Chicken Joe: Well, look who's here - Fat Moe's boneyard boys!

    Max: Which reminds me... how's that cancer in your gut comin' along, Chicken Joe?

  • Chicken Joe: [as he and another thug are torturing Jimmy O'Donnell] I don't give a *shit* about you and your Socialist workers!

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