Cleopatra Jones Quotes in Cleopatra Jones (1973)


Cleopatra Jones Quotes:

  • Crawford: Now, Cleo, don't make anything worse. This isn't exactly your jurisdiction.

    Cleopatra Jones: My jurisdiction extends from Ankara, Turkey to Watts Tower, baby.

  • Cleopatra Jones: It's a nice touch, a white chauffeur, all this. What's next, Doodlebug? Two white iron jockeys on the lawn?

    Doodlebug: Look, you startin' to bug me.

    Cleopatra Jones: Not half as much as I'm going to, Mister.

  • Maxwell Woodman: Say, lady, what you got inside that car?

    Cleopatra Jones: You mean under the hood?

    Maxwell Woodman: No, I mean while you was gone, was a kind of a funny buzzin' inside of it.

    Cleopatra Jones: Oh, that's the phone.

    Maxwell Woodman: A phone in your car?

    Cleopatra Jones: That's right.

    Maxwell Woodman: Right on! First phone booth I ever seen with mag wheels.

  • Crawford: Nothing smells worst than a rotten cop. And you stink!

    Sgt. Kert: You got anything to say Purdy?

    Purdy: I ain't sayin' nothin' 'til I see a lawyer.

    Cleopatra Jones: We're going to find out anyway. So, why don't you tell us who paid you to plant that dope on Jimmy Beekers.

    Purdy: I never planted no dope on nobody! And if I did, I wouldn't have to figure to help you or any of your kind.

  • Mommy: Cleo, no wise cracks? No jokes? No begging? No pleading?

    Cleopatra Jones: No way, Fatso!

  • Reuben: Damn! No matter how many times I see a Cat go through withdrawal. Its always a heavy trip. That Cat's 15 years old, Cleo. We put this house together and its got to survive. They know we're clean and they still tryin' to run a bull shit game on us. We don't do no dope in the house! Well, if they close us down, who's gonna be here when some Cat's trying to deal with his jones!

    Cleopatra Jones: Those guns aren't going to be much help to him.

    Reuben: Well, I tell you one thing, Mama. If they want this house, they got to bring somethin' to get somethin'!

  • Cleopatra Jones: The next time you pull a razor on me, you better shave.

  • Crawford: I heard about the rumble at the airport. We got a positive ID on the corpse and a couple of maybes on the other two. Are you okay?

    Cleopatra Jones: My body's okay.

    Crawford: Ha-ha. It's magnificent.

  • Crawford: Hello, beautiful.

    Cleopatra Jones: Hello Lou. Kert.

    Crawford: Recognize him?

    Cleopatra Jones: That's the cat at the airport. That one too.

    Crawford: Baby Tony and a creep named Zap. We'll take care of 'em.

  • Cleopatra Jones: Alright, Matthew, you cover the rear.

    Matthew Johnson: Gotcha!

    Cleopatra Jones: Melvin, I'm going in the front. You cover.

    Melvin Johnson: Right on, baby!

  • Cleopatra Jones: Hello, Sport. Sorry, I have to break up your little gathering. I'd like to introduce myself. Cleopatra Jones.

    Purdy: Well, Wonder Woman. Ha-ha-ha. You silly bitch.

  • Mommy: Well, you finally decided to pay me a little visit, huh? Well, honey, what do you think of my little love nest?

    Cleopatra Jones: Whatever turns you on, baby.

    Mommy: Why you sweet Pickaninny. You know what turns me on.

    Cleopatra Jones: Games. Like dealing in school yards.

    Mommy: Alright, the game is over and I win!

  • Cleopatra Jones: I never claim to be God, Stanley. Only close to him.

  • Stanley Nagel: You know I could order you to work with our local contacts on this.

    Cleopatra Jones: You could also tell me that you are tall, dark and good-looking.

  • Stanley Nagel: You are a hard woman to deal with, Cleo.

    Cleopatra Jones: Only in business, Stanley. Off the job I'm a real pussycat.

  • Cleopatra Jones: Hey baby, what did you tell the man to make him change his mind?

    Mi Ling: I told him he will be paid in advance and he will not have to wait. And if the tall black woman wants to throw her life away, it's no concern of ours.

  • Cleopatra Jones: Now that we got that settled. Suppose you tell me, why you followed me?

    Mi Ling: I wanted to see if you're as bad as you act.

    Cleopatra Jones: And?

    Mi Ling: And... I've seen worse!

  • Stanley Nagel: Cleo, for Christ's sakes, you nearly blew up half of Hong Kong!

    Cleopatra Jones: And may blow up the other half before I'm through.

  • Cleopatra Jones: If you point that thing at me one more time, I'm gonna make you eat it! Fingernail and all!

  • Cleopatra Jones: About your report. Write it on your ass!

  • Cleopatra Jones: Relax child! The way I feel tonight, Muhammad Ali will have his hands full!

  • Cleopatra Jones: Don't race your motor, baby! It's not leaving the garage.

  • Cleopatra Jones: Stanley, somebody's trying pretty hard to kill this black lady. Now, I don't know if its Chen or somebody who's trying to keep me from getting to him. But, you can bet your skinny white ass I'm going to find out. And ain't nobody gonna stop me.

  • Cleopatra Jones: You got it, baby!

  • Cleopatra Jones: All the way, baby!

  • Cleopatra Jones: Here comes Snow White!

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