Cleopatra Quotes in Death Race 2000 (1975)


Cleopatra Quotes:

  • Cleopatra: It isn't my fault everyone scored before us. You should have gone after that boy scout camp like I told you!

    Nero the Hero: I tried the goddamn boy scout camp. You know how fast those boy scouts move?

    Cleopatra: Now here's something more your speed.

    Nero the Hero: That'll be at least 200 points!

    Cleopatra: If they scatter, go for the baby and the mother.

  • Ray "Nero the Hero" Ladagon: You're blocking me Cleopatra! My fans want to see me.

    Cleopatra: Why, they've never seen a has-been before?

  • Cleopatra: How DARE you and the rest of your barbarians set fire to my library! Play conqueror all you want, Mighty Caesar! Rape, murder, pillage thousands, even millions of human beings! But neither you nor any other barbarian has the right to destroy one human thought!

  • Cleopatra: You come before me as a suppliant.

    Antony: If you choose to regard me as such.

    Cleopatra: I do. You will therefore assume the position of a suppliant before this throne. You will kneel.

    Antony: I will *what*?

    Cleopatra: On-your-knees!

    Antony: You dare ask the Proconsul of the Roman Empire?

    Cleopatra: I *asked* it of Julius Caesar. I *demand* it of you!

  • Cleopatra: [Kicks cushion from throne to Caesar, to get him to kneel] You have such bony knees.

  • [Seducing Caesar]

    Cleopatra: A woman too must make the barren land fruitful. She must make life grow where there was no life. Just as the Mother Nile feeds and replenishes the Earth, I am the Nile. I will bear many sons. Isis has told me. My breasts are full of love and life. My hips are rounded and well apart. Such women, they say, have sons.

  • Apollodorus: I've always loved you.

    Cleopatra: And I have always known.

  • Cleopatra: [admiring his armor] And I find what you're wearing most becoming. Greek, isn't it?

    Antony: I have a fondness for almost all Greek things.

    Cleopatra: [referring to her Macedonian ancestry] As an almost all-Greek thing, I'm flattered.

  • Julius Caesar: Germanicus! A guard to escort Queen Cleopatra to her apartments.

    Germanicus: Guard!

    Cleopatra: The corridors are dark gentlemen, but you mustn't be afraid. I am with you.

  • Antony: What has angered you? That I dealt with Octavian however I could, or that I married his sister to do it? Jealousy or politics, which?

    Cleopatra: Both! And damn you for not understanding either!

    Antony: It would not occur to me to look to you for instruction.

    Cleopatra: Which is why you have come back chained to Octavian like a slave. And with such an exquisite set of chains. So softly spoken, so virtuous! She sleeps, I hear, fully-clothed!

  • Cleopatra: I will not be told where I can go and where I cannot go!

  • Cleopatra: Catullus doesn't approve of you. Why haven't you had him killed?

    Julius Caesar: Because *I* approve of *him.*

  • [as they begin eating on Cleopatra's barge]

    Marc Antony: Fabulous feast.

    Cleopatra: One is so limited when one travels by ship.

  • Julius Caesar: Ah, yes. I seem to recall some mention of an obsession you have about your divinity... Isis, is it not?

    Cleopatra: I shall have to insist that you mind what you say. I AM Isis. I am worshipped by millions who believe it. You are not to confuse what I am with the so-called divine origin which every Roman general seems to acquire together with his shield. It was, uh, Venus you chose to be descended from, wasn't it?

  • Cleopatra: The way to prevent war is to be ready for it!

    Sosigenes: Have 300 warships ever been built for war without war?

  • Cleopatra: There are never enough hours in the days of a queen, and her nights have too many.

  • Cleopatra: [as Marc Antony and his men begin walking out of the throne room without saying anything]

    Cleopatra: [loud] You have not been dismissed!

    Cleopatra: [Marc Antony and his men stop and face Cleopatra]

    Cleopatra: [quiet] You are now... dismissed.

  • Julius Caesar: What's the matter?

    Cleopatra: You're bald! That's why you wear the wreath!

  • Julius Caesar: Is it sweet or bitter to be a queen?

    Cleopatra: Bitter.

    Julius Caesar: Cast out fear, and you will conquer Caeser.

  • Cleopatra: Queens don't hiccup.

  • Cleopatra: Together we could conquer the world.

    Julius Caesar: Nice of you to include me.

  • Cleopatra: It's not the Senate I'm worried about but their fat wives. Do you know anything about senators, Charmion?

    Charmion: Well, we only got here yesterday, Majesty.

  • Marc Antony: I said things to Caesar I wish I hadn't.

    Cleopatra: Oh?

    Marc Antony: There's beauty in the Egyptian queen besides her face. Do you miss him?

    Cleopatra: No, he didn't love me.

    Marc Antony: Is that really the reason?

    Cleopatra: No, not really. I admire men who don't love women.

    Marc Antony: What do you mean by that?

    Cleopatra: Oh, I don't know. Women should be but toys for the great. It becomes them both.

  • Cleopatra: So Rome would forgive and take you back? And all they demand is for us to part. Why don't they ask the sun to fall right out of the sky?

  • Cleopatra: [last line, to Charmion and Iras] Look well for love. Look well. And not finding it, give nothing. But if blessed with Cleopatra's fortune, give all. Now, go.

  • Cleopatra: It seems strange to see you working. I've always pictured you either fighting or loving.

    Julius Caesar: Well, I have had some experience with fighting.

    Cleopatra: But none with loving, I suppose.

    Julius Caesar: Well, none with pretty little queens.

  • Cleopatra: I had to walk miles across the desert to the sea... to find the fishing boat that brought me to you. But just seeing you is magic, immortal Caesar.

    Julius Caesar: That's quite a speech. Your tongue is no longer bewitched by Caesar, eh?

    Cleopatra: No. It's my heart now.

  • Cleopatra: Is this a time to talk of Romans? I've had no breakfast! I'm hungry!

  • Cleopatra: My tongue's bewitched by Caesar. The man in you seems even mightier than the general.

  • Cleopatra: Come to my chambers and dine. We'll make such plans.

    Julius Caesar: Are your plans for India or me?

    Cleopatra: Both! Shouldn't a Queen choose as her confident, a King?

    Julius Caesar: Shhh! The word King is not well liked in Rome.

    Cleopatra: Caesar takes what he wants.

  • Cleopatra: If I implored you to marry me, you wouldn't?

    Julius Caesar: I'd have to ask my wife in Rome.

    Cleopatra: [laughs] Oh, as if you care about that. Divorce her. Together we could conquer the world!

  • Cleopatra: So, a woman isn't strong enough to help the mighty Caesar?

  • Cleopatra: Let's not talk any more.

    Julius Caesar: I picked a flower in Britain once, the color of your eyes.

  • Cleopatra: Nothing must happen to you, my Caesar.

    Julius Caesar: Nothing will!

  • Iras: How it all looks! Do you think you might wear this vest when you get married too?

    [Charmion laughs]

    Cleopatra: What?

    Charmion: I was just thinking of the great Caesar trying to unhook it!

  • Cleopatra: What do I care for empire now? Caesar is dead! My lover is dead!

  • Marc Antony: Where are my men?

    Cleopatra: Oh. Oh, Carmion, where are Romans who came here today, do you know?

    Charmion: They're sleeping, my Queen.

    Marc Antony: Sleeping? What for?

    Charmion: They are - well, I should say they are a little tired.

    Marc Antony: You mean a little drunk!

    Cleopatra: No. Awfully drunk.

  • Marc Antony: I'm not used to being disobeyed.

    Cleopatra: But, why should I obey you?

  • Cleopatra: Do you see the way I'm dressed?

    Marc Antony: What about it?

    Cleopatra: I'm dressed to lure you in!

  • Cleopatra: Will you forgive me for being such a fool? I should have known that Antony is not Antony for nothing.

  • Cleopatra: Oh, no-no, don't drink that. No, that was part of the plan too. I was going to get you *so* - irresponsible.

    Marc Antony: Well, you don't think one goblet would do it, did you?

    Cleopatra: Yes, wouldn't it?

    Marc Antony: [laughs] Well, that does amuse me!

    Cleopatra: But, its such a large goblet!

    Marc Antony: Yes, isn't it.

  • Marc Antony: I hope that you know that - I know that you want me to do this.

    Cleopatra: Dear Antony, I hope you think I know that you know I know.

  • Cleopatra: The sound of the stars. They must think we're funny people. Scheming to destroy each other, as if we had forever to live!

  • Marc Antony: I should want to go out and get drunk with a lot of men. Or, find another woman.

    Cleopatra: Well, why don't you?

    Marc Antony: Because you are another woman. New. Always new. Completely new.

  • Cleopatra: Welcome.

    Herod: I hope to renew an old friendship.

    Cleopatra: I hope so too.

    Herod: Well, time has made you older and wiser - and me younger and more beautiful.

  • Marc Antony: A wine we've never had before, dear Antony. I've been saving it.

    Marc Antony: What for?

    Cleopatra: For a night when the mood strikes.

    Marc Antony: I see. And tonight is that night?

    Cleopatra: Tonight! Now, can you think of a pretty toast? It would please me, very much.

    Marc Antony: You're very gay.

  • Cleopatra: Let's drink first. Perhaps pretty words will follow.

  • Cleopatra: If that's what you prefer, I always try to please you Antony.

  • Egyptian Guard: Your majesty.

    Cleopatra: What is it?

    Egyptian Guard: A carrier pigeon from Rome.

  • Cleopatra: Antony! Antony! Oh!

    Marc Antony: What's the matter? Well, what is it?

    Cleopatra: Oh, oh. Love, I've seen a God come to life. I'm no longer a Queen. I'm a woman.

  • Marc Antony: You choose me, Cleopatra, against the world.

    Cleopatra: Against the world.

    Marc Antony: Then, we'll meet it! We'll smash it to pieces, put it together again and call it ours!

  • Cleopatra: Prepare me. The Queen of Egypt goes to meet the Conqueror.

  • Cleopatra: [to Hengist who is dressed as Caesar] You do not look like your bust.

    Julius Caesar: [who is dressed as Hengist] No, he's not. He's just a bit cracked.

  • Mark Antony: There must be some way we can get rid of him.

    Cleopatra: I have a poisonous asp.

    Mark Antony: [checking out Cleopatra's ass] Oh, I wouldn't say that.

  • Cleopatra: What would you do if you were in my place?

    Handmaiden: If I had a husband like Marc Antony I would be faithful to him.

    Cleopatra: A dog is faithful, a woman never.

  • Hans: Are you laughing at me?

    Cleopatra: Why no, monsieur.

    Hans: Thanks, I'm glad.

    Cleopatra: Why should they laugh at you?

    Hans: Most big people do, they don't realize that I'm a man with the same feelings they have.

  • Cleopatra: Oh, holy jumping Christmas!

  • Cleopatra: [Invites Hercules into her circus wagon for a meal. Picks up an egg] How many?

    Hercules: Oh, I'm not very hungry. About six.

    Cleopatra: [Hands on her hips, chest out] How do you like them?

    Hercules: Not... bad.

    [Grabs her]

    Cleopatra: Oh, you are strong. You are squeezing me to death.

    Hercules: And you'll like it!

    Cleopatra: Oh, you are taking my breath away.

  • Cleopatra: Well, what are you going to do? What are you a man? Or, a baby?

    Hans: Please, please, you make me ashamed.

    Cleopatra: Ashamed! You?

  • Cleopatra: You dirty, slimy, freaks! Freaks, freaks, freaks! You fools! Make me one of you, will you?

  • Cleopatra: Can't you see it was only a joke?

    Hans: [broken hearted] Our wedding a joke... now I see why it's funny.

  • Cleopatra: [playing with Frieda's skirt] Nice, nice.

    Frieda: [pokes at her with her wand] Don't, don't.

  • Cleopatra: You must come to see me sometime. And we'll have a little wine together.

    [Pinches Hans cheek]

    Hans: Thank you, fraulein.

  • Antony: Cleopatra, why did you turn your ship from the fight?

    Cleopatra: I believed the battle to be lost.

    Antony: All the galleys have scattered and fled before the enemy and just when the battle was almost won!

    Cleopatra: Do not blame me, what do I know of war?

    Antony: But what about - love? Ours? If the worst came, we had sworn to die together.

    Cleopatra: Aren't we together now, Antony? Oh, we can sail back to Alexandria, always together. We can still live, my dearest.

    Antony: With shame on our names.

    Cleopatra: Oh, but with love for each other in our hearts. My galley is swift. The Romans will never catch us. Come closer to me, Antony.

    Antony: What have you done to me? Where have you led me? I was the greatest Roman of them all. What am I, now?

    Cleopatra: You are my love.

  • Cleopatra: Do-eth thou-eth loveth me-eth?

    Marc Anthony: Yeth!

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