Spoons Quotes in Rango (2011)


Spoons Quotes:

  • Elgin: That ain't nothin'. I coughed up an entire tribe of pygmies. They started lookin' at me weird.

    Furgus: I remember them! They was quite friendly!

    Spoons: I found a human spinal column in my fecal matter once...

    [Awkward silence]

    Sergeant Turley: You might wanna get that looked at.

  • Spoons: [after Rango forms a small posse to find the band of robbers] What do we do now, sheriff?

    Rango: Now, we ride!

    [cut to them all riding across the desert on roadrunners, excited and energized]

    Spoons: [to Rango] Where are we going?

    [they have no leads on where the robbers might be]

    Rango: What?

    Spoons: Where are we going?

    [cut to them all walking back into town, embarrassed]

  • Weevil: Excuse me but is there something you're not telling us?

    Prison Officer Ian Goslet: Leo Rook.

    Weevil: What about him?

    [flashback of Leo chained up on the cell of the ship]

    Dr. Kirsty McCloud: He was on the boat tonight.

    [Weevil gasps in horror]

    Richard Spader: Why didn't you tell us?

    Chief Prison Officer O'Neil: No one has to tell you anything Spader"

    Dr. Kirsty McCloud: I'm the prison psychologist, I'm writing a book on him.

    Spoons: Well, two words would sum him up; sick fuck.

    Weevil: I guess she wanted to be famous.

    Spoons: Well you can hardly write from beyond the fucking grave.

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