Princess Quotes in The Thief of Bagdad (1940)


Princess Quotes:

  • [At the pool]

    Princess: Who are you?

    Ahmad: Your slave.

    Princess: Where have you come from?

    Ahmad: From the other side of time, to find you.

    Princess: How long have you been searching?

    Ahmad: Since time began.

    Princess: Now that you've found me, how long will you stay?

    Ahmad: To the end of time.

    Princess: For me, there can be no more beauty in the world, than yours.

    Ahmad: For me, there can be no more pleasure in the world, than to please you.

  • Princess: You don't look wicked. Are you a good djinni?

    Ahmad: Not too good. Very good djinni are just as tiresome as very good men.

  • Princess: Mine. I've always loved the sound of that word.

  • Princess: I must go with the bear.

    King of the winterland: Damn that bear.

  • White Rabbit: You saved Wonderland, Alice. I thought it was you that made the garden bloom.

    Alice: Oh, I could never do that. Only someone special could make flowers bloom.

    Princess: Do you want to know a secret, Alice? You are as special as you think you are.

  • Princess: Too bad, too sad

  • Princess: Where were you?

    Johnny: Chillin' wit Kat. You know, that chick who drives the horse.

  • Costard: Pray you, who is the head lady?

    Princess: Thou shalt know her, fellow, by the rest that have no heads.

    Costard: But what is the greatest lady, the highest?

    Princess: The thickest and the tallest.

  • Princess: Who are you?

    Old Devil: I'm the Devil!

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