The Crab Quotes in A Fish Tale (2000)


The Crab Quotes:

  • Fly: [Fly and his friends are trapped in a cage with a crab guarding them] Hey, you! Crab!

    The Crab: It's against military regulations for a guard to converse with prisoners!

    Fly: You are one poor excuse for a soldier, buddy. Pretty wimpy.

    The Crab: Whaddaya mean wimpy?

    Fly: A soldier is disciplined, brave, and above all, strong.

    The Crab: What?

    Fly: [standing in front of cage bar] Well, for starters, I bet your pathetic claw can't even put a dent in this iron bar.

    The Crab: Oh yeah? Check this out! Watching?

    Fly: Yeah.

    The Crab: Ready?

    Fly: Yeah, yeah!

    The Crab: [gets ready to cut cage, but hesitates] Nah, too easy.

    Fly: [points to another bar] Wait, wait, what about this one?

    The Crab: Trivial!

    Fly: No no, this is the perfect test for your strength. We're talking one hundred percent titanium here.

    [the crab decides to snap the key instead]

    Fly: No, not-not the key!

  • [Hank tries to contact the U.S. Navy using a jury-rigged wireless telegraph set]

    Dale Drewer: You getting through, Hank?

    Hank Chapman: How should I know? I'm not on the other end of this thing!

    Martha Hunter: Oh, Hank, you must get through.

    Hank Chapman: I know it. It's gone dead

    The Crab: [laughing, with Karl's voice] I'm afraid that won't help you, Hank. By the time ships and planes can arrive, this island will have vanished beneath the waves of the sea.

    The Crab: [with Jules' voice] But you will not drown. You will be a part of me.

    The Crab: [with Karl's voice again] And as with McLane, there will be no evidence of how you vanished, or of my existence. We will rest in the caves and plan our assault upon the world of men!

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