Mo Quotes in Black Dynamite (2009)


Mo Quotes:

  • Mo: So how you do on that little midget girl you sent out?

    Chocolate Giddy-Up: She keep coming up short!

    -- Mo
  • WALL.E: [M-O has finished cleaning a severely damaged WALL-E, who strains to give a handshake] WALL-E.

    MO: [M-O scrubs WALL-E's hand, then shakes it] M-O.

    [M-O reverts to his box form]

    WALL.E: [pause] M-O?

    MO: M-O.

    WALL.E: [another pause] M-O.

    -- Mo
  • [repeated line]

    MO: Foreign contaminant!

    -- Mo
  • MO's computer: [after scanning Wall-E screen says 100%] Foreign contaminant!

    MO: Huh? Whoa-whoa-whoa whoa whoa!

    -- Mo
  • Rip: Look, Larry, if you're gonna rip with the big boys, you got to learn to understand women.

    Taz: Uh, not the best advice, Ripster. Dude's a total virgin.

    Mo: Yeah, man. The only booty call he's ever seen starred Jamie Foxx.

    Rip: Is that true, Larry?

    Larry: No. Actually I didn't catch Booty Call. I had an S.A.T. review course. And mother thinks Jamie Foxx is a potty-mouth.

    Rip: Larry, are you a virgin, man?

    Larry: Yes.

    Rip: Wow, man. I haven't seen one of you around here since "Grinder Teeth" took out little Jimmy McGee behind the dumpster at the pomegranate hut.

    -- Mo
  • Mo: Lynch them! Lynch the Deedles!

    -- Mo
  • Mo: Do not pass go! Do no not collect 2 shiny ranger badges!

    -- Mo
  • Gus Siddon: Well the crux of it is - if you clock on late, you'll clock off a bloody sight earlier, right? You got it? Thursday mornin's payday. It's also sackin' day. Be warned. We hire these skips, not for you lot to lean on - they've got to be filled. While I'm on about it, I trust none of you lot are signin' on as well.

    Mo: I didn't think you could do that.

    Gus Siddon: You'd be surprised what some of you bastards get up to. I've had my eyes opened a few times, I'll tell you that.

    Shem: What type of things are you talkin' about?

    Gus Siddon: Thievin'. Signin' on under a false name. A casual approach to work. Laziness. And fuckin' foul language. We'll have no pissin' in the corners - not allowed. Frowned upon.

    Shem: It's not very hygienic, is it?

    Gus Siddon: Bloody downright filthy.

    Mo: Can I ask you a question?

    Gus Siddon: Fire away.

    Mo: What's your views on the ozone layer?

    Gus Siddon: I'll turn a blind eye to it as long as it doesn't interfere with the job. Anything else?

    Off-screen: Any chance of the sun?

    Gus Siddon: You've got more chance of seeing a one-legged cat fuckin' bury a turd on a frozen pond.

    Smurph: I've been told to report to Mr Siddon about a job.

    Gus Siddon: Really? I thought you'd come to grant us three wishes. What's that?

    Smurph: Here's me P45, the dole told me to give it to you.

    Gus Siddon: I don't wan- I don't want that, I don't want that at all. I don't want to know about your private life. Incidentally, tax. It's paid for by us but the insurance is down to you, you're all self-employed. What's this about fuckin' P45s? Get these lot to work.

    -- Mo
  • Mo: The Prince of Evil? You work at fuckin' Dairy Queen.

    Saul: Liar!

    Mo: Liar, my ass! You served my cousin and me a snackerwizard last week.

    -- Mo
  • Mo: Look frat boy. I'm a virgin. I'm certainly not losin' it to some player like you. Savin' myself for... Marilyn Manson.

    -- Mo
  • Mo: What are you guys gonna do?

    Ken: Cut his finger off.

    Mo: What happens when you cut his finger off?

    Kato: Ummm... he can't swim straight anymore.


    -- Mo
  • Sean Rickhart: [to Danny] Finish him up, I want a little trim.

    Mo: You want a little trim? Probably you didn't wash your dick yet.

    -- Mo
  • Mo: I used to write poems. I'd write poems, right, instead of talking to people. Write poems, never show 'em to nobody.

    Maria: Why not?

    Mo: 'Cause I was embarrassed.

    Danny: 'Cause he thought he might kill somebody if they laughed at him.

    Maria: [laughs]

    Connie: He's serious.

    -- Mo
  • Mo: Round and round and round she goes. Where she stops, nobody knows.

    -- Mo
  • Eva: Come on! Come on, get personal. Who is it? Who does Jim hate?

    Jim: Me.

    Mo: Really Jim?

    Eva: You hate yourself... So what?

    Emily: D'you have an okay family life?

    Jim: [Nods] Yeah. Yeah. I don't have a father. But my mum is really nice.

    Eva: So you hate yourself, because?

    Jim: I've been on anti-depressants for two years.

    Emily: And... Do they help? Do you know if they're helping?

    Jim: I don't know... Maybe...

    William: Come off the medication. If you want to feel like a person again... Come off them.

    -- Mo
  • Silk: I always keep my promises

    Mo: Man, Fuck your life

    Silk: Fuck yours!

    -- Mo

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