Landa Quotes in Miracle Mile (1988)


Landa Quotes:

  • Mike: Where do you go so the radiation won't get us?

    Waitress: What about Mexico? Or Hawaii! Let's go to Hawaii!

    Landa: No tropics!

    Mike: Ocean clouds, rain, forget it. Got to be a desert, right? Like the Sahara or the Gobi, fuck the Gobi.

    Landa: We're going to Antarctica if it's true.

    Mike: Wait a minute, you said desert!

    Landa: There's a valley there with zero rainfall, plenty of fresh water in the snow for generations if need be.

  • Landa: Mike, I want you and Susie to make a list for me. People who we might want to bring along. Scientists, leaders, great minds. I want it in five minutes, okay?

  • Landa: [on the phone] Mr. Sagan? Yes, I understand, I do apologize, but what I'm about to tell you is something quite horrific.

  • Landa: You must know some pilots, any charter lines?

    Stewardess: Well actually, it's my sister's outfit.

  • Landa: [on her mobile phone] This is Landa in Los Angeles, do you have today's code?


    Landa: Can you please tell me, are we at forced readiness? Has that been confirmed?

  • Fred the Cook: Landa, you said we had to strike FIRST if it ever came down to it, remember you told me that? Do you remember?

    Landa: I remember, Fred.

    Fred the Cook: Preemptive first strike!

    Mike: Shit!

    Waitress: They have to evacuate us first, don't they?

    Mike: You tell me where to! When was the last time they told you what to do incase. There's no plan!

  • Landa: [on her mobile phone] Tell her to break into the ski shop in Culver City, tell them to get all the down clothing he can. Down! Down! Yeah, like a duck, the super warm stuff, you know, all he can get.

  • Harry Washello: Okay, well I answered the phone because it was ringing, and the guy he just started yelling, 'Dad! Dad! It's happening! The Big One! We're locked in! Thor Arthur 66DDZ.'

    Landa: Wait a minute! Say that last part again!

    Harry Washello: It's Thor, Arthur, 66DDZ. And then he started going on 'Oh my God! We shoot off our wad in 50 minutes, you're gonna get it back in an hour and ten!' And then I said something, and he realized I wasn't his dad. And so I asked him if it was a prank, and he went 'A prank? Oh God, a prank?' He was just trying to call his dad in Orange County. And then he said 'They see me on the monitor', and someone came in, and he started going 'yes sir, no sir', and they shot him. I heard gunshots, and then someone else got on the line and I said 'hey hey hey, is this a joke?', and all he said was 'Forget everything you've just heard, and go back to sleep'.

  • Mike: That Thor Arthur thing meant something to you, I know it did. Is that the code for it?

    Landa: It's possible.

    Harlan: How the hell would you know, lady?

    Landa: Because I used to date a guy who worked at the RAND Corporation. I've been trying to reach a few of our friends who could tell me if the unthinkable is being thought about in D.C. At this very moment, 4 out of 5 of them are in transit to the extreme Southern Hemisphere. I find that more than just very curious.

    Mike: So what do we do?

    Landa: We have less than 46 minutes until we'll know, and then everyone will. I'd like a head start. The streets will be jammed. I'm ready to make a commitment to getting to the airport as fast as possible, flying out from there.

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