Harry Washello Quotes in Miracle Mile (1988)


Harry Washello Quotes:

  • Julie Peters: People are gonna help each other, aren't they? Rebuilding things?

    Harry Washello: I think it's the insects's turn.

  • Harry Washello: I know how this sounds, but I answered the phone out there and the guy on the other end he was very, very frantic. He thought I was his dad fro a minute, I think he just had the wrong area code.

    Fred the Cook: Yeah, so what?

    Harry Washello: So he was calling from a missile silo! He said that they were locked in, 50 minutes and counting, to shoot off their nuclear wad. We would be getting it back in an hour and 10. I mean he meant that we're at war! Nuclear war!

  • Harry Washello: I was just wondering if you know if anyone here had a son named Chip.

    Stewardess: I had an uncle named Chett.

  • Wilson: [Harry is forcing him to drive the wrong way on Wilshire Boulevard, at gunpoint] What's the hurry, Harry?

    Harry Washello: I gotta catch a plane.

    Wilson: The airport's the other way.

    Harry Washello: I forgot something.

  • Harry Washello: Does she always sleep this deep?

    Lucy Peters: She took a Valium.

  • Chip: Dad, it's me, Chip. How come the phone was busy just now?

    Chip: Jesus. Look. I had to wake you and...

    Chip: It's... happening! I can't believe it!

    Chip: But we're locked into it. Fifty minutes and counting.

    Chip: Christ, I just can't take it! I can't fucking take it!

    Chip: I'm sorry, dad. I shouldn't swear.

    Chip: I'm sorry, but this is it. This is really it! This is the big one!

    Chip: Thor Arthur 66 ZZD.

    Chip: I told you what would happen if it ever came down. Well, it is! We don't know why! Why would we, huh? It's for real, dad! It's no drill! We shoot our wad in fifty minutes. They're ging to pick us up in five or ten. And you could get it back in an hour and ten. Maybe seventy-five minutes!

    Harry Washello: What exactly are you talking about?

    Chip: I'm talking about nuclear fucking war.

    Harry Washello: Who is this?

    Chip: Where's my dad? Go get my dad!

    Harry Washello: Your dad. Look, there's nobody here. Where's he supposed to be?

    Chip: How the hell would I know? You're in Orange County and I'm in North Dakota!

    Harry Washello: Hey, is this is some kind of a prank or something?

    Chip: A prank? A prank? Oh, God! Is this 254-9411?

    Harry Washello: Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it is! But listen - it's just a phone booth. I-I-it's a phone booth in a coffee shop. I heard it ringing...

    Chip: Isn't this 714? Did I dial 213? Shit!

  • Harry Washello: Hey! Hey, do you know anybody who can fly a...

    Harlan: [shouts] Fuck you!

  • Lucy Peters: Wait a minute! You just tell me what the hell's going on.

    Harry Washello: Mrs. Peters, in a half-an-hour there's going to be a full-on nuclear attack. The missiles are on their way now. L.A.'s going to be a desert again very soon.

  • Harry Washello: Okay, well I answered the phone because it was ringing, and the guy he just started yelling, 'Dad! Dad! It's happening! The Big One! We're locked in! Thor Arthur 66DDZ.'

    Landa: Wait a minute! Say that last part again!

    Harry Washello: It's Thor, Arthur, 66DDZ. And then he started going on 'Oh my God! We shoot off our wad in 50 minutes, you're gonna get it back in an hour and ten!' And then I said something, and he realized I wasn't his dad. And so I asked him if it was a prank, and he went 'A prank? Oh God, a prank?' He was just trying to call his dad in Orange County. And then he said 'They see me on the monitor', and someone came in, and he started going 'yes sir, no sir', and they shot him. I heard gunshots, and then someone else got on the line and I said 'hey hey hey, is this a joke?', and all he said was 'Forget everything you've just heard, and go back to sleep'.

  • Harry Washello: Can anybody here fly a helicopter? Listen, it's an emergency, it's for a heart transplant. Can anybody fly a helicopter?

    Power Lifter: Hey, I can.

    Harry Washello: You can fly a chopper?

    Power Lifter: Bell jets, Hueys, pretty rusty at comeback though, I'll need bucks.

    Harry Washello: Whatever you want, okay? But we gotta go now, it's not really for a transplant, alright? We'll all be dead if we don't get out of here, it's a matter of minutes.

    Power Lifter: What's the problem?

    Harry Washello: Toxic fire, cyanide, the wind's starting to blow in this direction, a lot of people are going to die, we gotta go now.

    Power Lifter: If shit like that's coming down, I gotta bring somebody, okay?

    Harry Washello: Oh hey man, there's no time.

    Power Lifter: Then shoot me.

    Harry Washello: Alright, go ahead, go, hurry.

    Power Lifter: [goes to the door, whistles] Leslie! Come on! We're going!

    Leslie: What the hell's going on?

    Power Lifter: Any problem?

    Harry Washello: No, no there's no problem.

  • Julie Peters: Do you know what they're talking about, Harry? Do you? You and that kid didn't shoot somebody, did you?

    Harry Washello: They were blinded, they just pulled their own trigger and then blew themselves up.

  • [after their first kiss]

    Julie Peters: Third date, Harry, I'm gonna screw your eyes blue.

    Harry Washello: Yup! Just your basic old-fashioned girl.

  • Harry Washello: [on police radio] Hello what are the latest on the evacuation plans?

    Radio Cop: Please identify yourself.

    Harry Washello: This is Mr. Peters with the Atomic Energy Commission.

    Radio Cop: What?

    Harry Washello: We have a Code Arthur situation, haven't you been informed?

    Radio Cop: We have nothing at all in the headquarters, sir. What's the source of your information?

    Harry Washello: [puts radio down] They don't know yet!

    Wilson: Is that what it is? A meltdown?

    Harry Washello: Yeah, it is.

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