Doc Ock Quotes in Spider-Man 2 (2004)


Doc Ock Quotes:

  • [Spider-Man is unable to stop the reactor, so he turns to the only person who can help him... ]

    Spider-Man: Doctor Octavius!

    [Doc Ock frowns puzzledy, He recognizes that voice - and as if to confirm it, Spider-Man removes his mask and reveals his identity... ]

    Peter Parker: We have to shut it down! Please tell me how!

    Doc Ock: Peter Parker...?Brilliant but lazy."

    [He chuckles at this statement made by his old friend, now seeing its irony]

    Peter Parker: Look at what's happening! We have to stop it!

    Doc Ock: I can't stop it... I WON'T!

    [He clamps a tentacle on Peter's neck and glares at him]

    Peter Parker: You once spoke to me about intelligence... you said it was a gift to be used for the greater good...

    Doc Ock: A privilege...

    Peter Parker: These things have turned you into something else... don't listen to THEM...

    Doc Ock: It was my dream...

    Peter Parker: Sometimes... to do what's right... we must be steady... and give up the things we desire the most... even our dreams.

    Doc Ock: You're right.

    [a piece of wreckage gets sucked into the machine. Outside several cars are pulled towards the vortex]

    Doc Ock: [to his arms] He's right...

    [the tentacles click and whirl, strongly disagreeing with him]

    Dr. Otto Octavius: Listen... listen to me now! Listen to ME now!

    [He finally acquires his sanity, and control over his tentacles. With a jerk, a tentacle lets go of Peter]

    Peter Parker: Now... tell me how to stop it!

    Dr. Otto Octavius: It can't be stopped. It's self-sustaining now.

    Peter Parker: THINK!

    Doc Ock: Unless... the river! Drown it!

    [Peter turns to leave, but a tentacle grips him once again... ]

    Dr. Otto Octavius: I'll do it.

    [He heads towards his Frankenstein creation, pausing for a moment to look back at Peter. Peter meets his glance, and then sensing someone, looks behind him and sees Mary Jane... ]

  • [Spider-Man finally stops the train. Exhausted, he falls unconscious and almost falls off, but for the train passengers, who grab him and pull him to safety inside the carriage]

    Train Passenger: He's... just a kid... no older than my son...

    [Spider-Man regains consciousness, then finding the passengers seeing him unmasked, sits up abruptly]

    Train Passenger: [reassuringly] it's all right...

    [Two young boys approach Spider-Man]

    Boy with Mask: B: We found something...

    [Spider-Man is given his mask]

    Boy with Mask: We won't tell nobody - it's good to have you back, Spider-Man...

    [Slowly, Spider-Man dons his mask and gets up, but then... ]

    Doc Ock: [entering the carriage] He's MINE!

    Train Passenger: You want to get to him, you gotta go through me!

    [All the other passengers take up his claim and surround Spider-Man]

    Doc Ock: Very well...

  • Doc Ock: My Rosie's dead. My dream is dead.

    Doc Ock: And these... monstrous things should be at the bottom of the river... along with me.

    Doc Ock: Something... in my head. Something talking... The inhibitor chip!

    [He turns to find the chip destroyed]

    Doc Ock: Gone.

    Doc Ock: [arms click and whir] Rebuild? No. Peter was right. I miscalculated.

    Doc Ock: [Ock whirls, madness setting in] I couldn't have miscalculated. It was working, wasn't it?

    [arms click and whir]

    Doc Ock: Yes. We can rebuild. Enlarge the containment field. Make it bigger and stronger than ever! But we need money.

    [arms click and whir]

    Doc Ock: Steal it? No, no, no, I'm not a criminal.

    [arms click and whir]

    Doc Ock: That's right... the real crime would be not to finish what we started.

    Doc Ock: [arms carry him into his hideout] We'll do it here. The power of the sun in the palm of my hand.

    [arms lift him high]

    Doc Ock: Nothing will stand in our way! NOTHING!

  • Black Passenger: [Black man after Spiderman/Peter Parker regains consciousness] It's all right.

    Amazed Kid: We found something.

    Boy with Mask: [Hands Spider man mask back to Peter] We won't tell nobody.

    [Peter puts Spiderman mask back on]

    Boy with Mask: It's good to have you back Spiderman.

    Doc Ock: [Breaks into carriage] He's mine!

    Train Passenger: [Steps into Dr Octopus's path] You want to get to him, you gotta go through me.

    Train Passenger: [Steps into path] And me.

    Train Passenger: [Steps into path] Me too.

    [Other passengers step in front of Dr Octopus to stop him from getting to Spiderman]

    Doc Ock: Very well

    [Robotic arms break through crowds to get to Spiderman]

  • Doc Ock: [signalling for Spider-Man to come closer] Let's talk.

  • Doc Ock: You've stuck your webs into my business for the last time!

  • Doc Ock: [grabs Spider-Man in the bank] You're getting on my nerves.

    Spider-Man: I have a knack for that.

    Doc Ock: Not anymore.

  • [the Doctor brings Harry a gift]

    Doc Ock: [holding up a bound Spider-Man] Where do you want him?

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