Buck Rogers Quotes in Buck Rogers (1939)


Buck Rogers Quotes:

  • Professor Huer: By means of a gas discovered by Professor Morgan, these two people have remained in suspended animation for five hundred years.

    Buck Rogers: Five hundred years?

    George 'Buddy' Wade: That makes me old enough to be my own great grandfather.

  • Buck Rogers: I don't understand, sir. Who is this man called Killer Kane?

    Professor Huer: He is the result of the stupidity of the men of your century. You failed to stamp out lawlessness and in the end the criminal became stronger than the law. Racketeers you called them. Today, they rule the world as cruelly as they ruled their gangs in your day.

  • George 'Buddy' Wade: I wouldn't call Dr. Huer exactly handsome, but I sure would give a lot to see his face right now.

    Buck Rogers: [laughs] I bet you would, Buddy.

  • Professor Wade: Hello, Chandril. Is that Lt. Rogers speaking?

    Buck Rogers: Buck Rogers to you, Professor.

    George 'Buddy' Wade: [facing a blizzard] Hello, Dad. We're having a swell time.

  • Buck Rogers: You're not scared, are you, Buddy?

    George 'Buddy' Wade: Well, I guess I was a little scared before you got above that blizzard.

    Buck Rogers: Keep a secret?

    George 'Buddy' Wade: Yes, sir.

    Buck Rogers: So was I.

  • Prince Tallen: A de-gravity belt? I don't understand.

    Buck Rogers: It's a device we use here on Earth. It's really an outgrowth of the old parachute.

  • Killer Kane: How did you get in here?

    Buck Rogers: We were here when you and Prince Tallen entered the room.

    Prince Tallen: It's Buck Rogers.

    Killer Kane: Who is Buck Rogers?

    Prince Tallen: He's the Hidden City American who came to Saturn.

    Buck Rogers: Tallen, you're not gonna sign this treaty until I've had a chance to show you just why this man is called Killer Kane.

    Killer Kane: Don't be a fool, Rogers. If you persist in this folly, my men will kill you.

    Buck Rogers: Not until I've shown Prince Tallen just what you do with your prisoners, Kane.

  • Buck Rogers: What are you gonna do?

    Braeden - Captain of Dirigible [Ch. 1]: Bail out before we crash!

    Buck Rogers: Stop him, Mitchell. He'll freeze to death before he lands.

    Mitchell [Ch. 1]: Ah, it's better than dying in here like rats.

  • Buck Rogers: We came here as envoys... seeking an alliance with you people of Saturn.

    Aldar: And why do you desire such an alliance?

    Buck Rogers: To escape the tyranny of a man called Killer Kane who has imposed his rule on all but a handful of us; a man who governs by brute force.

    Capt. Laska: That's not true. Leader Kane is just man. He rules with the consent of all save a few revolutionaries.

    Second Councilman: Revolutionaries.

    Aldar: Is it true that you are revolutionaries?

    Buck Rogers: Ah, in a sense I suppose we are. If it's revolutionary to protest against brutality.

    Saturnian Councilman: I have heard enough. Rebels or not, I say throw them all into prison. Seven months no contact with outside planets.

    Aldar: But in this age of science, we cannot hope to isolate ourselves from the rest of the universe. But we are dedicated to peace and have no patience for rebels.

  • Buck Rogers: See for yourself, Prince Tallen. Those steel caps they're wearing are Amnesia Helmets, an invention of Kane's 'scientists' to rob men of their minds and their will.

    Prince Tallen: But, this is incredible.

    Buck Rogers: Nevertheless, Tallen, it's true. Now do you know why we're fighting this man?

    Prince Tallen: Who is your leader? I shall be glad to treat with him.

    Killer Kane: That's a very handsome gesture, Prince Tallen. But how do you and Rogers plan to leave my city? You'll be arrested by my guards before you can leave the palace.

  • Prince Tallen: Someday, you must return to the planet Saturn with me and receive the thanks of my people for preventing the alliance with Kane.

    Buck Rogers: I'd rather you thank me by giving your planet's support... in smashing Killer Kane's armies.

  • Prince Tallen: Laska took this from one of the amnesia helmets and put it in mine.

    Buck Rogers: That's it. That's Kane's way of destroying the minds of his captives; forcing them to obey his commands. You can prove it by trying it on yourself.

  • Buck Rogers: What have you done with Lt. Deering?

    Killer Kane: We are not here to discuss her. You are the one we are interested in. Rogers, you have been the source of considerable annoyance to me. That's all over now. You may even be of some help to us... if you place any real value on your life.

  • Buck Rogers: Gentlemen, you're dealing with the vilest type of crime known to man: kidnapping. Why, we've fought it on Earth for centuries. Men capable of such a crime are without honor. They're words are worthless. And Killer Kane is the foulest of the lot.

  • Aldar: Colonel Rogers, the people of Saturn find themselves more deeply indebted to you than ever. Words alone cannot explain our gratitude. If you can suggest a concrete means by which we can prove it, you need only command us.

    Buck Rogers: I need no proof, sir, outside of your promise to support us in ridding the world of Killer Kane's outlaw army.

    Prince Tallen: You already have that promise and we shall not fail you.

  • [last lines]

    Buck Rogers: What's this about a Kane squadron?

    Wilma Deering: A Kane squadron? Buck, I don't understand.

    Buck Rogers: You don't understand? I just got a message from here that you've sighted another Kane squadron.

    Wilma Deering: But I didn't...

    George 'Buddy' Wade: I did that, Buck. I, uh... I knew Wilma would want to congratulate you, but she couldn't because was on duty. So, I sorta fixed things up.

    Buck Rogers: Well, from now on, you can be my official fixer, Buddy.

    George 'Buddy' Wade: Well, I guess the first thing an official fixer should know is when he's not wanted.

    Buck Rogers: Yeah.

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