Prince Tallen Quotes in Buck Rogers (1939)


Prince Tallen Quotes:

  • Prince Tallen: A de-gravity belt? I don't understand.

    Buck Rogers: It's a device we use here on Earth. It's really an outgrowth of the old parachute.

  • Killer Kane: How did you get in here?

    Buck Rogers: We were here when you and Prince Tallen entered the room.

    Prince Tallen: It's Buck Rogers.

    Killer Kane: Who is Buck Rogers?

    Prince Tallen: He's the Hidden City American who came to Saturn.

    Buck Rogers: Tallen, you're not gonna sign this treaty until I've had a chance to show you just why this man is called Killer Kane.

    Killer Kane: Don't be a fool, Rogers. If you persist in this folly, my men will kill you.

    Buck Rogers: Not until I've shown Prince Tallen just what you do with your prisoners, Kane.

  • Buck Rogers: See for yourself, Prince Tallen. Those steel caps they're wearing are Amnesia Helmets, an invention of Kane's 'scientists' to rob men of their minds and their will.

    Prince Tallen: But, this is incredible.

    Buck Rogers: Nevertheless, Tallen, it's true. Now do you know why we're fighting this man?

    Prince Tallen: Who is your leader? I shall be glad to treat with him.

    Killer Kane: That's a very handsome gesture, Prince Tallen. But how do you and Rogers plan to leave my city? You'll be arrested by my guards before you can leave the palace.

  • Prince Tallen: Someday, you must return to the planet Saturn with me and receive the thanks of my people for preventing the alliance with Kane.

    Buck Rogers: I'd rather you thank me by giving your planet's support... in smashing Killer Kane's armies.

  • Prince Tallen: Laska took this from one of the amnesia helmets and put it in mine.

    Buck Rogers: That's it. That's Kane's way of destroying the minds of his captives; forcing them to obey his commands. You can prove it by trying it on yourself.

  • Capt. Laska: I'm going to the forum to force them to sign that treaty.

    Prince Tallen: You cannot bluff the men of Saturn into accepting your terms.

    Capt. Laska: It's not altogether a bluff, Prince Tallen. I shall tell them that you send word asking that they surrender to save your life.

    Prince Tallen: You cannot take them that message. It is not true!

    Capt. Laska: Part of it is true.

    [speaking to the guard]

    Capt. Laska: If I'm not back within an hour, you know how to deal with our prisoner.

  • Aldar: Colonel Rogers, the people of Saturn find themselves more deeply indebted to you than ever. Words alone cannot explain our gratitude. If you can suggest a concrete means by which we can prove it, you need only command us.

    Buck Rogers: I need no proof, sir, outside of your promise to support us in ridding the world of Killer Kane's outlaw army.

    Prince Tallen: You already have that promise and we shall not fail you.

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