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Bobbie Quotes:

  • Bobbie: Listen skinny, before you start talking tough, I'd better warn you I've got a black belt in karate. So why don't you get out of here quietly, while you still got some teeth left in that ugly face?

    [Foxy knocks her down with a barstool]

    Foxy Brown: And I've got MY black belt in barstools!

  • Shaw: Don't trust him. Pets are double agents. the moment you turn your backs, he'll shiv you.

    Bobbie: Oh, no he can't. We had him fixed.

  • Bobbie: Alright, Mr. Weenie, Mama's gonna go take a dip.

    Mr. Weenie: Good. Mama's getting kind of gamey.

  • Paulina: The rumba is the vertical expression of a horizontal wish. You have to hold her, like the skin on her thigh is your reason for living. Let her go, like your heart's being ripped from your chest. Throw her back, like you're going to have your way with her right here on the dance floor. And then finish, like she's ruined you for life.

    Bobbie: [looking up from the floor] Yeah, why can't you do it like that?

  • Bobbie: So why did you all start dancing?

    Vern: I'm getting married in September. My bride said she'd like to see me lose a few pounds, thought the dancing might be good exercise. I told her it wouldn't work.

    [waitress gives him a hamburger and fries]

    John Clark: I think you're gonna win that bet.

    Chic: I'm here for the ladies, you know what they say about guys that can dance...

    Bobbie: Yeah, that they're great in bed.

    Chic: Right.

    Bobbie: Where do you hear this crap?

    Chic: Everywhere, everywhere the guys that can dance get the pick of the litter.

    Bobbie: I'm here for the big dance competition. All I need is a partner.

    [to John]

    Bobbie: so that leaves you.

    John Clark: What?

    Bobbie: You're the only one that hasn't said why you're dancing.

    John Clark: I'm dancing for exercise like Vern.

    Bobbie: Bull.

    John Clark: Because I'm lousy in bed like Chic. There I said it.

  • Bobbie: ...and stop looking at my ass.

    John Clark: I'll try.

  • Paulina: You... are the frame.

    John Clark: I'm the frame.

    Paulina: She is the picture...

    John Clark: She is the picture...

    Paulina: your frame. - Everything that you do is to show her off.

    Bobbie: You got that?.

    John Clark: I didn't hear that.

  • Bobbie: You always makin' big plans for tomorrow. You know why? Because you always fuckin' up today.

  • Bobbie: My mama used to say that America's the big melting pot. You bring it to a boil and all the scum rises to the top.

  • Bobbie: You know, Jack, we could make some money together. Except you're always blowin' it. You know - gambling, gettin' high, showing off.

    Jack: I gotta have fun, you know, baby ?

    Bobbie: Yeah, yeah, I know. You're always makin' big big plans for tomorrow, and you know why ? 'Cause you're always fucking up today ! Look at that white girl, that Julie you started out with, she's all messed up now. All your girls are so messed up - except me. I can tell a lot of things about you. Some things you'd never put into your head. But you can't be so sure. My mom used to say that America is like a big melting pot, because she used to say that when you bring it to the boil, all the scum rises to the top.

    [she laughs sarcastically]

    Bobbie: So maybe there's still hope for you yet, Jack.

    [she suddenly stops laughing]

    Bobbie: You listening to me ?

    [short pause]

    Bobbie: Shit. You don't understand any kind of people. Maybe that's your problem. You sure don't understand women at all. And a pimp is supposed to know about women. If you was a good pimp, you'd have hit me by now, you'd have done something. But I can just lay here, and talk forever, and you won't hear a single word. Like you don't even speak english ! You're lost in your big big plans, but I know about you, Jack.

  • Bobbie: If you were a good pimp you would've hit me by now!

  • Bobbie: Are you a doctor, Melvin?

    Mel: Yeah. I'm a doctor, shooting you up with heroin. That's right.

  • Bobbie: The reason I sleep all day is because I can't stand my life!

    Jonathan: What life?

    Bobbie: Sleeping all day!

  • Bobbie: I need a life.

    Jonathan: Get a job!

    Bobbie: I don't want a job. I want you.

    Jonathan: I'm taken, by me. Get out of the house, do something useful, Goddammit.

  • Jonathan: Talk about the pot and the kettle. When I caught wind of your checkered past, I felt like a celibate.

    Bobbie: You made me tell you.

    Jonathan: Sure. I twisted your arm.

    Bobbie: It got you hot!

    Jonathan: Something has to.

  • Bobbie: Marry me, Jonathan! Please, please!

    Jonathan: You're trying to kill me.

  • Bobbie: I could have been a doctor. You could have been a doctor.

    Jude: I could have been a sailor.

  • Bobbie: Do you ever think we will go swimming?

    Jude: Of course.

    Bobbie: We've been saying that a long time.

  • Bobbie: [whispering] Look at that Al, he looks like some kind of freak!

  • Bobbie: Well gang, here we are. Right smack dab in the middle of nowhere. At least a whole day's walk to the nearest boy.

    Julie: If that's all you can think of, Bobbie, then why did you come on this trip?

    Bobbie: My mother insisted. Hey listen - don't tell me you never think about boys.

    Julie: Don't be absurd, Bobbie, of course I do.

    Bobbie: Then you know there is a difference between the boys and the girls!

    Pam: Just what are you getting at, Bobbie?

    Bobbie: The truth! Just tell it like it is - truth.

    Julie: Nothing wrong with that.

    Tina: My, my. Sounds like regular group therapy.

    Bobbie: Aw, not at all. At least I'm honest about what I do.

    Julie: You're hopeless, Bobbie, absolutely hopeless.

    Pam: I think there's another word for it.

    Bobbie: What do you mean?

    Pam: Well, if I have to explain it, it wouldn't be worthwhile.

    Bobbie: Come on. We've all had it - and loved it.

    Pam: Not all, Bobbie. Regardless of how square, how unnatural - how hypocritical - not all of us have had it.

    Bobbie: Do you mean to tell me that we actually have a virgin among us?

    Pam: There are probably more than you'd care to know about. You see, some of us were raised by parents who stressed the teachings of the Bible.

    Bobbie: Please, I can't take it! Would you get off that crap? Either you like it or you don't. It was meant to be used, not to just sit on.

    Pam: That's all very understandable if you're talking about dogs.

    Bobbie: Are you calling me a bitch?

    Pam: That's right, you're just a horny little bitch!

    [Catfight begins]

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