Dawes Quotes in Foxy Brown (1974)


Dawes Quotes:

  • Dawes: What do you really want?

    Foxy Brown: Justice.

    Dawes: For who, your brother?

    Foxy Brown: And why not? It could be your brother too, or your sister, or your children. I want justice for all of them. And I want justice for all the people whose lives are bought and sold, so that a few big shots can climb up on their backs, and laugh at the law, and laugh at human decency. But most of all, I want justice for a man, this man had love in his heart, and he died because he went out of his neighborhood to do what he thought was right.

    Dawes: Sister, I think what you're looking for is revenge.

    Foxy Brown: You just handle the justice, and I'll handle the revenge myself.

  • Dawes: [to Foxy] We've discussed your request and we're not sure whether we want to help you or not. I mean this is a neighborhood committee and this is kind of out of our area.

    Oscar: Maybe the time has come to grow a bit, brother.

  • Dawes: You wanted to see me, sir?

    Professor Moriarty: I'm away for a few weeks, Dawes, and I come back to find my anthurium magenta, my incomparable anthurium magenta, withered, ruined...

    Dawes: I can't understand it, sir; I took good care of all the plants.

    Professor Moriarty: Did you water them?

    Dawes: Every day, sir - just as you told me, sir.

    Professor Moriarty: Then how does it happen that I find a spider's web spun across the spout of the watering can?

    Dawes: That can happen overnight, sir.

    Professor Moriarty: Overnight, huh? Then you didn't water them today?

    Dawes: There's been so much to do, sir, preparing for your coming back.

    Professor Moriarty: Nothing is as important as the care of my flowers. Through your neglect, this flower has died. You've murdered a flower!

    Dawes: Why, I'm sorry, sir.

    Professor Moriarty: To think that for merely murdering a man I was incarcerated for six whole weeks in a filthy prison cell.

    Dawes: A pity, sir!

    Professor Moriarty: A travesty on justice!

    Dawes: Quite so, sir.

    Professor Moriarty: And for this crime, Dawes, you should be flogged, broken on the wheel, drawn and quartered...

    Dawes: Yes, sir. Will that be all, sir?

    Professor Moriarty: ...and boiled in oil!

    Dawes: Thank you, sir.

    Professor Moriarty: Go away.

    Dawes: Yes, sir.

  • Dawes: Women tend to themselves, huh? Men just take a piss.

  • Catherine Crocker: [Discussing an escape plan with Dawes] As soon as it gets dark, I'll get my horse and go.

    Dawes: [Skeptical] Yeah? How ya' gonna' manage that?

    Catherine Crocker: I'll just say I have to... "tend to myself."

    Dawes: Women "tend to themselves," huh?... Men just take a piss.

  • Jay: I told you I didn't want anybody killed back there!

    Dawes: Yeah, well, I forgot.

  • Jess Wade: Where'd you come from?

    John Stroud: Town.

    Jess Wade: Why'd you leave?

    John Stroud: I had a little throat trouble.

    Dawes: They were going to hang him!

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