Tommy Lee Quotes in Best of the Best (1989)


Tommy Lee Quotes:

  • Dae Han: [during the awards ceremony, slowly hobbling towards Tommy Lee and putting his medal around Tommy Lee's neck] To save a life in defeat is to earn victory and honor within. Your brother too, was a great fighter. I deeply regret your loss, and I offer myself as your brother.

    Tommy Lee: [Putting his head down and tearfully crying. Raises his head back up and accepts his apology]

  • Tommy Lee: I wanna kill that son of a bitch.

    Alex Grady: Then kill that son of a bitch.

    Tommy Lee: Alex! I'm afraid!

  • Alex Grady: It's late Tommy!

    Tommy Lee: Dae Han is training just as hard.

    Alex Grady: Yeah, but even Dae Han get sleep.

    Tommy Lee: Are you sure about that?

  • Tommy Lee: [after the bar fight] I didn't want to fight.

    Alex Grady: All I wanted was a beer. Shit happens.

  • Travis Brickley: Well, tell me! Are you yellow?

    Tommy Lee: Obviously!

  • Coach Couzo: [attempting to convince Tommy that he made the right choice] You won that match, don't ever forget that.

    Tommy Lee: [Remains silent, putting his head down after a regrettable defeat]

  • Weldon: The winner and new owner of the Coliseum, Mr. Tommy Lee! Say a few words, champ.

    Tommy Lee: The Coliseum is closed.

  • Tommy Lee: I don't fight drunks.

    James: Drunk? This is nothing. Right here.

    [Taps chin]

    James: Give me your best shot. I'll rip your fuckin' ears right off your god damn head. Then I'll stick 'em right where the sun don't shine, so you can hear me kick your butt!

  • Bo: Who the hell are you?

    Tommy Lee: [dressed as a clown] I'm Homey, the killer clown!

  • Tommy Lee: Just remember your blood is as red as mine!

  • Tommy Lee: Still playing by the rules sheriff?

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