Bly Guard Quotes in Fletch Lives (1989)


Bly Guard Quotes:

  • Bly Guard: [Seeing Fletch walk by in an all white suit, with a limp] This is a secure area!

    Fletch: Well I'm very happy for ya, most people live in terrible neighborhoods.

    Fletch: Are you the head honcho?

    Bly Manager: That's right sir, Headly Dan Duke, and what seems to be your problem.

    Fletch: The problem IS I agreed to take a shit load of that blue bird crap of your hands and it ain't come yet!

    Bly Manager: I'm very sorry sir, and you are...?

    Fletch: I ARE PISSED!

    [reaches into his white jacket pocket and begins to pull out a fake invoice]

    Fletch: Some damn fool told me it was on back order and I'd have to wait!

    [puts fake invoice directly in front of the managers face]

    Fletch: Who's signature is this? Who signed that?

    Bly Manager: [attempting to read something less than 1 inch in front of his face] Well, I can't seem to ah...

    Fletch: [Fletch ripping the fake invoice from his hand] Well that's the trouble. It's typical of a large corporation.

    [stuffs the fake invoice back into his jacket]

    Fletch: Lack of communication and that's why I like to keep Everest small.

    Bly Manager: OH your from Everest?

    Fletch: Now you're talkin!

    [expresses his dumbfounded look knowing he just sold the manager on the biggest and stupidest scam]

    Fletch: Elmer Gantry! Elmer Fudd Gantry.

    Bly Manager: Well, Mr Gantry I'm not sure there's anything I can do, uh...

    Fletch: Well you could pull my file instead of standing there pulling your pud!

    Bly Manager: [leans over to the assistant] Pull the Everest file.

    [Fletch limps away at this point]

    Fletch: [Fletch begins walking towards the shipping containers as a crash is heard and a man screams OOWWWWW. Mr Duke follows him] I apologize for my benecosity. I've had a hernia operation. Is that the stuff I was supposed to get?

    Bly Manager: Yes sir.

    Fletch: Why are they wearing those funny suits?

    Bly Manager: Well, there protective as you know that's a very corrosive bi-product they're handling.

    Fletch: Oh yeah. I guess if they didn't wear those suites those boys would be so full of wholes they'd whistle when they walked! Hahahahaahahah, ow!

    Bly Manager: [laughs with Fletch until he cringes] What's that...

    Fletch: Awe, i've been spittin up blood, pissing blood, bleedin. Go through five of these suits a day.

    Bly Manager: [Receives the Everest file from the assistant] Well, it seems you have your facts wrong Mr. Gantry. Your company is supposed to get 1,500 gallons. Destination some place called Belle Isle in Louisiana. Signed for by an officer of your company and due the 23rd. So we're right, and you're wrong.

    Fletch: [rips a page from the Everest file] Let me see that! It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong.

    [folds the page and puts it in his jacket]

    Fletch: . I am NOT a big man.

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