Bilal Quotes in The Message (1976)


Bilal Quotes:

  • Bilal: There is no compulsion in religion. A man may take many years, or only need minutes. It is God who decides the time.

  • Bilal: The Ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr A man reading is handsome in the side of god. So, learn to read and when you have learned teach.

  • Bilal: One do not have the faith,that if one wishes for his next what one wishes for oneself. That which falls asleep the full belly, whereas its neighbor is hungry, are not Muslim.

  • Khalid: Allah granted prosperity to you. I find that this plait hurts you at the coasts, You accept my cape?

    Bilal: The Prophet recommends asceticism. The richness is not eternal. He do not have that the cape which it has on him.

  • Bilal: Exiled and in favour! Comply with the rules of war of the Prophet. Save the children, the old men, the women and the patients, do not cut down trees. Do not make evil with the man who works with the field. Fight your oppressors and those which have stolen you.

  • Bilal: Kick your bitch to the curb and let me ride with my equipment! I'm the DJ.

    LaDonna: Bitch? Who you callin' a bitch? Your mama's a sorry bitch.

    Bilal: Hey, my mama ain't no bitch.

    LaDonna: If I'm a bitch, your mama's a bitch.

    Bilal: Hey, I'll kick your ass. I'll fight a girl.

    LaDonna: I know. I heard your ass was beat by a couple.

  • Bilal: [dancing with a girl] Girl, you're so soft, like my hush-puppies. You're so warm and fluffy, like a butter-milk biscuit. You make me want to squeeze tighter and tighter. Nah, I'm not gonna lie. You make a nigga wanna sing.


    Bilal: Always and fo-evah! Each moment wit you. Is just like a dream to me, AND you, that somehow came true. Ooo...

  • Bilal: Yo Kid, we have yo back.

    Kid: Yeah, way back.

  • Bilal: Yo Play, Kid, come up here.

    [Jamal buts in requesting the Mic]

    Bilal: No no, I didn't call Jamal.

    Jamal: Bilal, give Me the Mic.

    Bilal: No way, Man!

    Bilal: Dude, give me the Mic.

    Play: C'mon, Bilal, think about it, he likes Big Booty, he likes Dice, and he also likes Bean pies.

    Bilal: [Letting him have the mic] Yeah, he probably got a big dick too, a Big tremendous white Dick!

  • Advocate Krishan Pundit: I want to talk to you, Bilal. It's about Abbas

    Bilal: Every third man in our country is named Abbas. Which one are you talking about?

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