Biaggio Quotes in The Kings of Summer (2013)


Biaggio Quotes:

  • Joe: Vicki's making eyes at you man. Go talk to her. She's so into it.

    Biaggio: There's no point in me talking to her anyways.

    Joe: Why not?

    Biaggio: Joe, I'm gay.

    Joe: Are you sure?

    Biaggio: Yes, my lungs fill up every time the seasons change.

    Joe: That's not being gay, Biaggio.

    Biaggio: What?

    Joe: Pretty sure that's Cystic Fibrosis.

    Biaggio: Oh.

  • Biaggio: In Italian, the word for snake means 'the demon's cock'.

    Patrick: No it doesn't.

    Biaggio: There's a chance that it doesn't.

  • Joe: I don't trust that old guy.

    Biaggio: He has a shadow behind his eyes.

    Vicki: How long have you been standing there?

    Biaggio: Hello

    Joe: That's not an answer.

  • Biaggio: Do you know we've been walking for half a mile? I can tell by how much we've bonded.

    Joe: You haven't said a word the whole time.

  • Vicki: So Biaggio, what do you do?

    Biaggio: I met a dog the other day, it taught me how to die.

  • Joe: Ah... Is anything better than a good stogie, Biaggio?

    Biaggio: Being in a situation where it's easier to lie but you choose to tell the truth.

    Joe: Hmm. Guess that's better.

  • Joe: You made these?

    Biaggio: I did. It took very little time. Very few days.

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