Teacher Kitano Quotes in Battle Royale (2000)


Teacher Kitano Quotes:

  • Teacher Kitano: Life is a game. So fight for survival and see if you're worth it.

  • Kyouichi Motobuchi: If I survive, can I go home?

    Teacher Kitano: Yes, but only if everyone else is dead.

  • Teacher Kitano: So today's lesson is, you kill each other off till there's only one left. Nothing's against the rules.

  • [his last words]

    Teacher Kitano: The last one... Cookies sure were good.

  • Teacher Kitano: Are my classes boring?

    Noriko Nakagawa: Yes.

    Teacher Kitano: How dare you!

    Noriko Nakagawa: [chuckles]

    Teacher Kitano: I go into class, you guys look like a pile of potatoes. Slapping them around helped me tell them apart, even got to like them. But now, not anymore. Now you touch a student, you're fired. Can't even lose it when a student stabs you!

    Noriko Nakagawa: I'll tell you just one thing.

    Teacher Kitano: What?

    Noriko Nakagawa: That knife that stabbed you... actually I keep it in my desk at home. When I picked it up, I wasn't sure... but now, for some reason, I really treasure it. It's our secret, okay? Just between us.

    Teacher Kitano: Listen, Nakagawa.

    Noriko Nakagawa: Yes?

    Teacher Kitano: What do you think a grown-up should say to a kid now?

  • Teacher Kitano: Here's your list of friends in the order they died.

  • Training Video Girl: [in Japanese] Hello, everyone in Class B!

    Teacher Kitano: [clapping happily] Ok, hello!

    Training Video Girl: You are the lucky class chosen for this year's Battle Royale!

    [welcoming hand gesture]

    Training Video Girl: Congratulations!

    Teacher Kitano: [welcoming hand gesture] Thank you!

  • Teacher Kitano: What? Go ahead. Shoot. Nakagawa, you can do it. Nakagawa, you can do it.

  • Teacher Kitano: [phone call from his daughter] Hello?

    Shiori Kitano: Hello, mister.

    Teacher Kitano: Oh, Shiori?

    Shiori Kitano: Mom's feeling bad again.

    Teacher Kitano: On a business trip, can't get home 'til tomorrow.

    Shiori Kitano: Huh. Don't bother coming home. Hanging up.

    Teacher Kitano: Huh...

    Shiori Kitano: Mister, don't breathe like that. Your bad breath even stinks over the phone.

  • Teacher Kitano: [phone call from his daughter] Hello?... Shiori?... Listen, I won't be coming home again... Listen, if you hate someone, you take the consequences... Irresponsible? Who the hell asked you?

    [shoots phone]

  • Teacher Kitano: Sorry - it's against the rules for me to kill, isn't it?

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