Shougo Kawada Quotes in Battle Royale (2000)


Shougo Kawada Quotes:

  • [Shougo has just finished bandaging Noriko's leg]

    Shuya: You know a lot about medicine.

    Shougo Kawada: Well, my father was a doctor.

    [a few minutes later, Shougo serves Noriko and Shuya food]

    Noriko Nakagawa: Wow! This is pretty good!

    Shougo Kawada: It should be. My father was a chef.

    [later, After escaping the island]

    Shuya: You even know how to drive a boat?

    Shougo Kawada: Hey, my father was a fisherman.

  • Noriko Nakagawa: [while looking for Nanahara, she finds Mitsuko, sitting in the rain and staring catatonically at Noriko] Mitsuko.

    Mitsuko: [Stands up and picks up bag] What's up?

    Noriko Nakagawa: I'm looking for Nanahara.

    Mitsuko: Got separated?

    Shougo Kawada: [shouting] Noriko! Where are you?

    Mitsuko: Who's that?

    Noriko Nakagawa: Kawada.

    Mitsuko: Eh? Two princes protecting you. A real princess.

    [Pulls out gun, and aims for Noriko]

    Noriko Nakagawa: Mitsuko...

    Mitsuko: Die, ugly bitch.

    [Sees Kitano, runs away terrified]

  • Shougo Kawada: There's a way out of this game. Kill yourselves together, here, now. If you can't do that, then don't trust anyone... just run.

  • Shougo Kawada: Meeting you guys, I finally solved the riddle of Keiko's smile.

    Noriko Nakagawa: What's the answer?

    Shougo Kawada: Her parting words - Thank you - and then...

    Shuya: And then?

    [Kawada drops his cigarette]

    Shuya: Kawada!

    Noriko Nakagawa: Kawada!

    Shougo Kawada: And then - I'm glad I found true friends.

  • Shougo Kawada: [Noriko wakes up abruptly] You OK?

    Noriko Nakagawa: I had a dream...

    Shougo Kawada: What dream?

    Noriko Nakagawa: I was alone with Kitano on an empty riverbank.

    Shougo Kawada: Must've been scary.

    Noriko Nakagawa: But Kitano just seemed lonely.

    Shougo Kawada: Hmmm.

    Noriko Nakagawa: Before this, I always just thought of myself as normal. I'd have a normal marriage, age normally, just like my mom... but when this game started, I realized - it's just that I was sheltered.

    Shougo Kawada: Some things are better not to know.

  • Shougo Kawada: [about steering a ship] Just keep on going and you'll hit land. Give it a try?

  • Shinji MimuraShougo Kawada: [at different instances, in English] Game over.

  • Noriko Nakagawa: It's beautiful, even though it's where everyone died.

    Shuya: [silently turns and looks at her, walks away to Shougo] You can even steer a ship?

    Shougo Kawada: Sure, my dad was a fisherman. AHAHAHAHA.

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