Tsarevich Alexei Quotes in Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)


Tsarevich Alexei Quotes:

  • Tsarevich Alexei: Why did you abdicate for me? You never asked!

    Tsar Nicholas II: I didn't want you to pay for my mistakes.

    Tsarevich Alexei: Am I not paying for them now? Aren't we all?

  • Tsarevich Alexei: Mother, I'm bleeding...

    Tsarina Alexandra: Oh, my God...

  • Tsarevich Alexei: Alexei, Alexei, mustn't run and mustn't play, mustn't jump and mustn't climb, must be careful all the time.

  • [as Nagorny is to be executed]

    Tsarevich Alexei: I'd like to kill them.

    Tsar Nicholas II: Wait and see. They'll do what's right.

    Tsarevich Alexei: I know him. He's a murderer.

    Tsar Nicholas II: He's a thoughtful man. He'll send Nagorny back to us. He's not a monster. I've never known a heart without some murder in it. I made these men. They are our Russians. I am responsible for what they are. I let them starve. I put them in prisons. And I shot them. If there's hatred in them now, I put it there. But they ARE filled with love. And mercy, too. You must remember that.

    Tsarevich Alexei: They are all murderers.

    [the execution shot is heard outside]

    Tsarevich Alexei: I'd like to kill them all.

  • [after Nagorny saves Alexei from falling off a rock he was climbing]

    Tsarevich Alexei: It's all right, Nagorny. You'll always save me.

  • [the former Tsar and his family plant in the palace gardens]

    Tsar Nicholas II: There. In just a few months, these will be turnips.

    Anastasia: Carrots.

    Tsarevich Alexei: And when they grow, will we still be here to eat them?

  • Tsarevich Alexei: Father? There's no hope, is there, father?

    Tsar Nicholas II: Nonsense.

    Tsarevich Alexei: None at all.

  • Yurovsky: No sun today?

    Tsarevich Alexei: No.

    Yurovsky: What a shame. I suppose you're not well enough. What's it like, being ill?

    Tsarevich Alexei: What's it like having grey eyes?

    Yurovsky: It can't be nice, being an invalid at your age. And they can't do anything to help one. What a pity.

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