Tsarina Alexandra Quotes in Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)


Tsarina Alexandra Quotes:

  • Tsarevich Alexei: Mother, I'm bleeding...

    Tsarina Alexandra: Oh, my God...

  • Tsarina Alexandra: Nicky? Is it all right if I say something intimate?

    Tsar Nicholas II: In public?

    Tsarina Alexandra: I'll whisper it.

    Tsar Nicholas II: All right. What is it?

    Tsarina Alexandra: Nicky... I adore you.

  • [imprisoned in Ekaterinburg]

    Tsar Nicholas II: I suddenly thought of the yacht this morning. Do you remember how the band used to play all the time?

    Tsarina Alexandra: Always out of tune. Do you think they drank?

    Tsar Nicholas II: How did that waltz go?

    [hums a little, off key]

    Tsarina Alexandra: You're no better than the band.

    [he carries her to the bed and places a chair against the door]

    Tsarina Alexandra: The girls?

    Tsar Nicholas II: They won't come in. We're alone.

    [he takes his wife's hands]

    Tsar Nicholas II: Your beautiful hands...

    [he lies down with her]

    Tsar Nicholas II: I still want you so much. Nothing can ever change that, Sunny.

  • Tsar Nicholas II: We're seeing Witte.

    Tsarina Alexandra: That man!

    Tsar Nicholas II: He's a brilliant Prime Minister.

    Tsarina Alexandra: I never liked him.

    Tsar Nicholas II: I'm the one he bellows at.

    Tsarina Alexandra: You shouldn't let him. He's your servant. Everyone's your servant.

  • Tsarina Alexandra: You enjoy yourself at parties. I get headaches. If you sat there, feeling everyone disliked you...

    Tsar Nicholas II: No one dislikes you.

    Tsarina Alexandra: Yes, they do. You never see unpleasant things. You drift away. Sometimes I wonder if you even hear me half the time.

    Tsar Nicholas II: Just now, I find you all too audible.

    Tsarina Alexandra: Nicky? Guess what.

    Tsar Nicholas II: You've got your headache.

  • Rasputin: We had a man in Pokrovskoe. He didn't wash or work. He lied, stole, cheated, drank, chased all the women. He was a sinner. Why, out of all men, did the Virgin come to him?

    Tsarina Alexandra: Perhaps he lied. You said he was a liar...

    Rasputin: No. She came. I saw her. I know all there is to know about sin. Pray with me, Matushka. God is here.

  • Tsar Nicholas II: Alexei spends all day with you. You hardly ever come to meals. I hardly ever seem to see you anymore.

    Tsarina Alexandra: My place is where I am needed most.

    Tsar Nicholas II: It must be hard to have so many people need you. I'll be patient. If I wait, my turn will come.

  • Tsarina Alexandra: Sometimes I wonder how you live with me.

    Tsar Nicholas II: I wonder too. Only I know I could never live without you... Sunny.

  • [reading the dead Rasputin's will]

    Tsarina Alexandra: [in tears] "I feel that I shall leave life before January the first. If any of your relatives have brought my death, then none of your family, none of your children, or relatives, will remain alive. They will be killed by the Russian people. Brother will kill brother and there will be no nobles left in the country."

  • Tsarina Alexandra: At times I rather like it. Mending clothes, teaching classes, and quiet afternoons. I doze and daydream. I think about my life. I don't know what I did wrong. I'd feel better if I did.

  • Tsarina Alexandra: Think of it... Russian princesses doing an English play in French for an audience of Polish nobles... I hope somebody understands it.

  • Tsarina Alexandra: [in a letter to Nicholas] My very own darling. Remember last night when we were together? I yearn for your caresses, I can never have enough of them. I kiss you, caress you, love you, long for you, can't sleep without you, bless you. Sunny.

  • Tsarina Alexandra: [convincing him to become commander in chief of the armies] Oh Nicky. This is the beginning of the glory of your reign. Our friend told me so. It will be the greatest page in Russian history, the story of these weeks and days. And while your gone, don't worry over what you've left behind. I'm here. Lean on me; use me. I'm not wise or strong, but God will show me what to do.

  • Tsarina Alexandra: [about Alexandra spending all day with Alexei] My place is where I'm needed most.

    Tsar Nicholas II: It must be hard to have so many people need you. I'll be patient. If I wait my turn will come.

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