Terry Monroe Quotes in War on Everyone (2016)


Terry Monroe Quotes:

  • Birdwell: Wait. Don't...

    Terry Monroe: I knew your last words would be shit.

    [Shoots him]

  • Bob Bolaño: They have something called a Blue Lagoon here. It's a hot spa. It's outdoors.

    Terry Monroe: It's probably full of sweaty Europeans with bad teeth fucking each other. You'd be swimming around in jizz. European jizz. That's one of the first movies I ever saw, actually.

    Bob Bolaño: European Jizz?

    Terry Monroe: The Blue Lagoon.

  • Bob Bolaño: I've never killed anybody before.

    Terry Monroe: Well neither have I.

    Bob Bolaño: You know what they say - always be open to new experiences.

  • Bob Bolaño: Why don't we just throw him off the roof?

    Terry Monroe: Huh?

    Bob Bolaño: I'm kidding. It's a bad joke.

  • Terry Monroe: You should see the other guy. He's totally unscathed.

  • [last lines]

    Bram: Terry?

    Terry Monroe: Yeah?

    Bram: Do me a favor.

    Terry Monroe: Anything.

    Bram: Turn off that damn machine.

    [Terry switch off the ECG monitor Bram is hooked up to]

  • Terry Monroe: The phone company called. Someone just dialed 700 dollars worth of 900 numbers in the last 24 hours.

    Josh Munroe: Think about it. 700 bucks in 24 hours. I'd have Laryngitis.

    Terry Monroe: How do you explain it then?

    Josh Munroe: I don't know, maybe it was Axl. He humps anything that moves.

    Terry Monroe: Don't get smart with me!

  • Josh Munroe: Ooh! This is nice, if you want to attract a golfer.

    Terry Monroe: I'm getting style tips from somebody with 87 black T-shirts!

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