Sir Gawain Quotes in Prince Valiant (1954)


Sir Gawain Quotes:

  • Sir Gawain: You turned out to be flinging rocks like any lowborn ruffian. Why I've never been unhorsed by such a scurvy trick!

  • Sir Gawain: A man does not risk banishment or death in borrowed armor unless the stakes are high.

  • Sir Gawain: If you're King Aguar's son, why did you fling that rock?

    Prince Valiant: I thought you were the knight that was after me.

    Sir Gawain: What knight?

    Prince Valiant: All I saw was his black armor.

    Sir Gawain: The Black Knight? You saw him?

    Prince Valiant: I near had his lance in my back. Who is he?

    Sir Gawain: A ghost.

    Prince Valiant: Oh, ghosts don't chase a man in daylight.

    Sir Gawain: Right.

  • Sir Gawain: You were a young fool. But I was an old fool, which is worse.

  • Sir Gawain: Stop interrupting and I'll tell you what happened. After you left I went out after you. That's when I came upon the Black Knight.

    Prince Valiant: You found him?

    Sir Gawain: Aye. He was searchin' the wood when I challenged him. We fought and he was good. His lance broke and I outhorsed him. I came in to finish him, when a dozen armed men came charging out at me.

    Prince Valiant: They were on foot? Armed with bows?

    Sir Gawain: Aye. It was only with luck I escaped through a hail of arrows.

    Prince Valiant: So did I!

    Sir Gawain: You what?

    Prince Valiant: I was set upon by a band of archers, escaped with an arrow in my back.

    Sir Gawain: Where was Sir Brack?

    Prince Valiant: I don't know. I was nearly captured where he told me to wait for him. Now he says he went back to find me and found no one. Isn't that strange, sir?

    Sir Gawain: What do you imply?

    Prince Valiant: It's hard to put into words, sir, but could it be that he covets King Arthur's throne more than anyone knows?

    Sir Gawain: Sir Brack. A foul suspicion, Val. Unworthy of you.

    Prince Valiant: Yes, I suppose it is unworthy.

    Sir Gawain: Sir Brack may have been born on the wrong side of the blanket, but he's a Knight of the Round Table, sworn to pledge allegiance to our King, and to defend justice, the weak and the helpless.

    Prince Valiant: I'm sorry, sir.

  • Sir Gawain: The truth hurts sometimes, but it's the only thing to build happiness on.

  • Sir Gawain: I forgot to ask one question during my quick initiation into knighthood.

    Humphrey: Oh? What's that?

    Sir Gawain: How to relieve myself in this tin suit.

  • Sir Gawain: Does your mother know you do this?

  • Bartog, Ulric's Aide: A favor... I beg of you!

    Sir Gawain: You have only to ask - and I shall refuse

    Bartog, Ulric's Aide: A little water... I perish of thirst!

    Sir Gawain: Good! Then perish! It will save stretching a good rope.

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