Ruth Collins Quotes in Union Depot (1932)


Ruth Collins Quotes:

  • Ruth Collins: I'm no pollyanna or sweet sixteen either. I've been around. I know what it's all about, but, gee, I always try to keep decent. There's a few things I draw the line on. Dr. Bernardi is one of them.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Go ahead. You got me interested. Then what'd he do?

    Ruth Collins: Well, at first he said his eyes were bad, and he couldn't read, so he offered to pay me fifty cents an hour to read to him at night after work. Well, that was all right, but the kind of books he read...


    Ruth Collins: Gee, I didn't know they printed them so bad. He said he got them in Europe.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Yeah? Yeah, I've seen the type in hotel lobbies lookin' up at balconies.

  • Ruth Collins: Oh, I beg your pardon. I thought you were someone else.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: You're right. I am somebody else, but don't let that stop you. Sit down.

  • Ruth Collins: Please get this straight, I need the money. I need it badly and I wouldn't go with you...

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Oh, sure, I know. You don't have to explain, honey, I've been around.

    Ruth Collins: I've got to have 64 dollars and 50 cents. And I've got to have it now, tonight!

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: What's the 50 cents for? War tax?

    Ruth Collins: If I don't get it, oh, I don't know what...

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Oh, that's alright. 64 bucks is a lot of dough. But, I've got it, if that's what you mean.

  • Charles 'Chick' Miller: Now what's the matter?

    Ruth Collins: Just hungry, I guess.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: What you need is a little drinkie!

  • Charles 'Chick' Miller: Are you one of them melancholy numbers? 'Cause if you are, the party's off right now.

    Ruth Collins: No, I feel fine. Honest, I do.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Nobody's going to sing the blues around me! I got enough troubles of my own. Besides, you don't toss out 64 bucks every day, just to get in the dumpster!

    Ruth Collins: Oh, don't be silly. I'll be alright. I just need a little drink.

  • Ruth Collins: I was broke and I had to do something. But, what can a chorus girl with a broken ankle do?

  • Charles 'Chick' Miller: I bet you'd look like a million bucks in that dress. And I bet it don't even cost half that.

    Ruth Collins: It's probably not my size.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Don't be so sure.

    Ruth Collins: Anyway, we came here to buy stockings.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Nah, you'll get arrested, running around in nothing but stockings.

  • Kendall: You're not going to gain a thing by stalling. You got them from Bushy Sloan. You're supposed to turn them over to the guy that's coming in from St. Louis on the number 6. Pretty slick mob. We were looking for a man down here and they've got a woman to meet the train. Well, come on, cough up.

    Ruth Collins: I have nothing to tell you. I don't know anything about it.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Did he give you the dough?

    [Referring to Chick]

    Ruth Collins: No.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Don't you believe her. Sure, I gave her the sugar and here's more.

  • Kendall: What did you do today, from noon on?

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Well, at noon today, I was - I was in the city jail.

    Kendall: Yea, what for?

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Vagrancy.

    Ruth Collins: Chick?

    Kendall: What's wrong with you, sister?

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Oh, lay off her, can't you! She just found out her Santi Claus was a hobo.

  • Ruth Collins: But *you* lived through all this. Do you know why?

    Robert Morgan: Perhaps I was chosen.

  • Ruth Collins: You can't join us. You're a monster to them. Why do you think I ran when I saw you, even though I was assigned to spy on you? Because I was so terrified, what I'd heard about you. You're a legend in the city. Moving by day, instead of night, leaving as evidence of your existence bloodless corpses. Many of the people you destroyed were still alive! Many of them were loved ones of the people in my group.

    Robert Morgan: I didn't know.

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