Pablo Quotes in The Professional: Golgo 13 (1983)


Pablo Quotes:

  • Pablo: Hey, ah... how's that bullet wound coming along these days?

    Golgo 13: Never mind about that. Just be sure to meet me at the usual spot in two weeks, and make damn sure you bring the cruiser!

    [drives his motor-boat away]

    Pablo: I don't believe it. A man with balls as big as his... and he's spooked.

  • Larry: Sir, are you the leader?

    Pablo: Jack's the oldest, but Ralph's the colonel.

    [group voices votes for Ralph]

    Jack Merridew: I guess you just won the election.

    Ralph: It doesn't matter who's in charge. We've just got to work together. First, we build a camp.

  • Jack Merridew: Rodge, you okay, man? That was some jump.

    Roger: I got him. Right up his ass.

    Sam, Twin #1Eric, Twin #2PabloAndy: Up the ass!

    Will: Come on, cut it out!

    Ralph: Stop it!

    Will: You dorks, it hurt!

    Sam, Twin #1: I know it hurt.

  • Pablo: Hey, man, what time's that suit have to be back?

  • Pablo: Show us your tits!

  • Reggie Barry: Oh, I have a mission for you.

    Pablo: You want me to torch the principal's house, huh?

    Reggie Barry: Okay. But, uh, first, we need provisions, man.

  • Pablo: I doan prowoke.

  • Pablo: [speaking of Maria] She's a very strange woman. She's of no one. But she cooks well.

  • Dancaire: Was the colonel's party successful, Carmen?

    Carmen García: No, it was very stupid.

    Dancaire: Was it successful?

    Pablo: We need another 200 duros to get García out of jail.

    Carmen García: Let him stay where he is.

    Dancaire: Is that a way for a loving wife to feel about her husband?

    Carmen García: Let him rot.

    Pablo: No money for García? We'll tell him.

    Carmen García: [She takes a bag of money out from the inside of her skirt] There, thief. And be welcome to it.

    Dancaire: Is that all?

    Carmen García: [Pablo pats her skirt] I left the party early.

    [She walks towards the stairs, and money fall out of her skirt. She glares at the men and kicks it towards them, and spits at them]

  • Pablo: [They are in the middle of robbing a stagecoach] We have company.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [Carmen comes over and takes a man's watch] What are you doing here? I told you I want you to stay away from this!

    Carmen García: I was bored! I won't sit on my haunches and wait for you like the wife of a payo, stirring a pot of stew. I've been my own woman and a Gypsy too long, my friend.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: I told you to leave these matters to me. I want no more of this.

    Carmen García: You told me you wanted no more. I'm not your slave. I'm Carmen and nobody tells me what to do, I do as I please. If you're ashamed of what I am, find another woman. Get yourself a payo wife! You and your payo honor. I spit on your honor!

    Don José Lizarabengoa: [She spits at him] Get back to camp.

    Carmen García: I always used to ride with García.

    Don José Lizarabengoa: I'm not García.

    Carmen García: No, you're not. In many ways, you're not.

  • Pablo: Careful you don't hit him!

    Eufemio: When I want to hit him, I'll hit him! When I want to miss him, I'll miss him!

    Pablo: A man's been known to die of a close miss!

  • Emiliano Zapata: Madero!

    Pablo: Yes, you remember I read to you about him.

    Emiliano Zapata: You promised to teach me to read.

    Pablo: I will, I will.

  • Pablo: Can I have your watch when you are dead?

  • Lucky DayNed NederlanderDusty Bottoms: [the Three Amigos step out into the street while Carmen gets the horses]

    Bandito #3: If I don't get some tequila, somebody's gonna die!

    [Shoots the clay pots off the railing at one of the nearby homes]

    Lucky Day: I'm Lucky Day!

    Ned Nederlander: I'm Ned Nederlander!

    Dusty Bottoms: And I'm Dusty Bottoms! And together we are...

    Lucky DayNed NederlanderDusty Bottoms: The Three Amigos!

    [each does the Amigo salute]

    Lucky Day: [sees Carmen has brought the horses] Let's ride!

    Lucky DayNed NederlanderDusty Bottoms: [the Three Amigos mount their horses, and ride to stand, horse to horse, with the banditos]

    Lucky Day: Well, you slime eating dogs! You scum sucking pigs! You sons of a motherless goat!

    Bandito #2: Son of a motherless goat? And who are you?

    Ned Nederlander: Wherever there is injustice, you will find us. Wherever there is suffering, we'll be there!


    Ned Nederlander: Line!

    Dusty Bottoms: [under breath] Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find...

    Ned Nederlander: Wherever liberty is threatened! You will find...

    Lucky DayNed NederlanderDusty Bottoms: The Three Amigos!

    [begin riding their horses all over the town square, shooting their pistols in the air]

    Lucky Day: Arriba! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Dusty Bottoms: [juggles his gun back and forth from each hand, grins]

    Ned Nederlander: Arriba!

    Bandito #3: Who are these monkeys?

    Bandito #2: I don't know!

    Bandito #3: Should we kill them?

    Bandito #2: No! Let's go tell El Guapo what we have seen here!

    Bandito #2Bandito #3: [turn their horses around, and ride off towards their encampment]

    Lucky Day: Ah Ha Ha! And don't come back!

    Townspeople: Viva Los Amigos! Viva Los Amigos!

    Pablo: Viva Los Amigos!

    [the townspeople begin to cheer and chant the Amigos]

  • Pablo: [Talking to Cecile and Phillipe at the bar] You two are not drunk on anything. Very bad. To live, you must be drunk on something... uh, love, money, success, failure, even whiskey, but *something*!

    Cecile: You may be drunk, but you're right!

    Pablo: Of course I'm right, I'm rich... or maybe it's the other way around.

    Cecile: [giggling] You always have such a good time.

    Pablo: Always. Except when I'm home in America. Not *North* America...

    Philippe: *South* America!

    Pablo: You tell someone you are rich and from America, and they *always* think you are from Texas!

  • Pablo: Mothers, fathers and loved ones of those who died in New York, soon will be the 29th anniversary of our tuesday, 11th of September and the first anniversary of yours. We will remember you. I hope you will remember us.

  • Pablo: The day's first torment is here.

    Don Juan: Did you recognize her?

    Pablo: No, but you will if you loosen her skirts.

  • Don Juan: Was she crying?

    Pablo: Crying? Hell, yes. Women live in a storm of tears. They must breathe with gills - for a man chokes in all that salt water.

  • Pablo: [to Don Juan] I've titivated you like an old harlot.

  • Renata: You have an unusually ugly nose. It reminds me of something.

    Pablo: And you have a peculiar mouth, which reminds me of something.

  • Pablo: Offer resistance, if you like. It heightens our pleasure. No, don't say anything - I can read your eyes. Your prudence, character, affectionate nature - your frail health - all forbid you to abandon yourself to passion... But there's a dark spot in your nature, Renata. A flood of sensuality dammed up for too long. Only in your dreams do you let it loose.

  • Pablo: In your dreams you wallow in voluptuousness to the very limit of pain and shame.

  • Pablo: Think of little Pablo. Even I am a child of woman and my mother wept over my sins. She showed me real tenderness.

    Renata: Come here! You've no shame in appealing to my maternal instincts?

    Pablo: No.

    Renata: You've done a rare thing - touched my heart.

  • Pablo: I am a dancer. And a Jew.

  • Sally: How did you choose the tango?

    Pablo: I didn't. The tango chose me.

  • El Capitan Thunder: Pablo, look at the stars. They are laughing.

    Pablo: The stars laugh, Senor?

    El Capitan Thunder: What are you think they do, they twinkle that way? They are laughing. Because we are such big fools down here.

    Pablo: I think the Capitan, have too much vino.

  • El Capitan Thunder: Pablo, do you remember - the Senorita of the stage coach?

    Pablo: Si. Si-si.

    El Capitan Thunder: She had the eyes that smiled and twinkled - just like the stars.

    Pablo: Si.

    El Capitan Thunder: Pablo, bring me the little dress and hat that she wear.

    Pablo: Si.

    El Capitan Thunder: Put her hat on and hold her dress up in front of you.

    [Pablo obeys, but, El Capitan disapproves]

    El Capitan Thunder: Take them off! Take them off, Pablo! Pronto! Now, you leave me alone, Pablo.

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